5 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Failing on Social Media

Here we discuss 5 reasons why your brand is failing on social platforms:

Your Social Media Manager is Not Capable
There are plenty of self-proclaimed Social media experts, social media professionals, social bureaus, social media consultants and freelancer in the market.

While some do an excellent job, most are not.

Again and again, we view social supervisors of brands large and small in a direct strategist position that do it wrong. A fast and effortless method to learn whether your social media manager is capable is to examine the social accounts of brands they’ve handled previously.

Another (and probably our favourite) method to quantify their skill is to extend their private accounts. Do they have just a few hundred followers? Are their articles exciting? Do people participate with their own content? Can they have a special voice? If the response to any of them is no, there’s a high probability they do not have a tight private social strategy, which likely means they are not supplying your brand using a tight social media strategy.

Using Social Media as a Sales Tool

We see time to time that the big problem of people is that they are using (or trying to use) social platform as a key sales channel.

Like, think for one second that you met someone at a casual meeting, a friend of a friend, which you have a ton of common interests.

You believed she or he’d be an ideal customer for your industry.

Can you call up them for the very first time and toss them on your product and service straight from the gate?

That would not be tactful or powerful.

Social media is likely the same, it increases your community online. It is far better used for communication than sales.

Your Social Media Manager Does Not Know About Your Company

Make sure that your social media manager knows your Company and has experience in your company’s category.

If you’re in the company of classic sports memorabilia, odds are your faculty social media intern is not likely to become an authority in this area.

If you operate a fitness gym, however, your SMO agency has somebody managing your accounts who do not exercise, odds are that your brand voice will lack the enthusiasm for physical fitness that you will need to communicate to your community.

This is the front line of communication, ensure that your supervisor talks the talk and profoundly understands your company.

You give value to quantity over quality

There are precise posting times and optimum numbers that you ought to probably hit every day. But that’s for another article.

Rather than focusing on submitting to Facebook, Tweeting, and Instagramming five times per day, seven days weekly, slow down and ensure each article you set out is wonderful.

Quality is far more important than quantity.

Therefore don’t allow your articles suffer since you’re working to stay informed about post amounts.

You Are Not Adding Sufficient Value

Rather than buying advertisements to promote content, create irresistible content which gets liked, shared and participated with by itself.

Ensure each Tweet, picture and post you set out there adds value.

It may be a really effective approach but to perform it efficiently there’s a whole lot of trial and error to discover a formulation that works (when there’s one at all).

Rather than rushing to purchase social advertisements to boost your articles, think about adding value in each and every article and item of content you set out so that it has shared organically.

So, is not it the right time to fix these errors to increase your brand value? Good Luck!

Naval Gupta is a digital marketing expert with 6 years of experience. He is Specialize in Local SEO currently running an SEO agency – DigiArise.


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