Are You “Tweet Marketing” All Wrong?

So you have a Twitter account, got your affiliate link, and now you’re ready to spam… I mean share your link with people who may want to buy your product, right?

Well, it’s not as easy as you think.

Wanna know why?

Because when people go on Twitter, they are in social media mode, not buying mode.

They want to see all the ratchet nonsense going on.

They want to read “Twitter beef” tweets.

They want to look at funny videos.

They want to read clever memes.

Ever notice it’s those funny memes and dumb videos that gets millions of views and not a product promotion?

Wanna know why?

Because Twitter is a place for socialising, not spamming.

Notice I said spamming and not marketing.

You can make a lot of money from people on Twitter, but it has to be done in a specific way.

Twitter is a social media platform where you get updates on what interests you, right?

Well, in order to make money, people have to be interested in you and what you have to offer.

You may love the iPhone, but you ignore those ads from iPhone.

People are in social mode on Twitter, not necessarily buying mode.

So how is it that people are able to make money on Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform, so when you actually do tweet marketing, it has to be in a social way.

If you have a clothing line that you want to get off the ground using Twitter, you may want to tweet pictures and videos of people wearing your clothes. If you are selling laptops, you may want to have a video of someone doing a review of your laptop.

The thing is a lot of people who try to market their products with tweets, they post links of random products and hope for the best.

If you want the best results, you have to spark people’s interest.

This is why movie trailers get tons of shares and re-tweets and the movie makes a lot of money. A lot of people wait for specific types of movies to come out. They look for a specific story to be told. If you have an affiliate link of an eBook on how to make money online, you need to know how to spark the interest of the people who aren’t aware or who may not care about the idea of making money on Twitter. You need to find the people on Twitter who actually do care about that kind of stuff and use effective marketing techniques to get them to buy.

Let’s say you have a video series you’re trying to promote. It teaches people how to draw comic book-styled drawings. If you have been using the product, you may want to post videos of you drawing certain characters or certain techniques you’ve learned. You may want to draw a graphic novel with voice-over and make it look professional. While people are enjoying your videos, if you are targeting people who want to learn how to draw, you may notice people following you and sharing your videos. If you send a tweet saying “Learn how to draw hands” and you have a video showing you drawing the best hands, people who have trouble drawing hands will like your video. If you show a “before and after” video of your drawing progression, people will want the same results you’ve gotten. This may be a good time to share the link of this video series.

People hate when people try to spam them with something they’re not interested in.

This is why Tweet marketing is so hard for a lot of people. For some people, all they need to do is tweet and they’ll see sales coming in on a regular basis. How? Because these specific people look forward to these people’s tweets. This is the meat of Twitter marketing… people must care about your tweets. The problem is there’s a lot of “Twitter noise” going on because people followed people on Twitter just to get followers. They don’t care about the people they’re following. In their mind, the more people following them, the more people they can market their products to. You could have thousands of followers, but if none of them care about your tweets, your conversion rates will suffer.

In order to have a successful tweet marketing campaign, you need to attract the people who genuinely care about your tweets. You have to market products to them that they care about, not products that make you the most money. You need to use effective marketing strategies, not use SPAM tactics. Because when everything is said and done, you’ll get to a point where people will start asking you what offers do you have for them because your product promotions solves their problems. If you want to make the most money, you want to give the most help to the people who need the help. When you help them or solve their problem (even if that problem is boredom), you’ll notice they’ll stick around and recommend other people to you, so you can help those people as well.

Think of one of the best books you’ve read that changed your life or how you view the world. Don’t you recommend that book to friends, family, or anyone interested in reading that specific book genre? If you bought a pair of sneakers that looked really good on you, don’t you keep buying that same brand of sneaker? Nike is not the most popular sneaker because they shouted to the world “Buy my sneaker!”. If you want to be successful marketing on Twitter, you need to make sure you’re providing a service to the people who need it instead of trying to get people to buy something they don’t need.

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