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Facebook Posts: Is There An Ideal Time?

Facebook Posts: Is There An Ideal Time?

When Facebook started to be a tool for digital marketers, there was a whole slew of data that came out about ideal posting times.

Each digital marketing consulting company had a different time of day and day of the week that they designated the “ideal posting time.”

These were supposed to be the times when your Facebook posts would be seen by the most people and when the most people would engage with your content.

The concept of hacking Facebook to make it work best for marketers was alluring and most digital marketers fell into the trap of “ideal posting.” read more

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Backlinking Do’s And Dont’s

Backlinking Do’s And Dont’s

Here are a few additional strategies that might help or hurt your site when planning out your back linking strategy and the reasons why:

• Do Scope your own and competition’s backlinks
For this you will simply log into one of the main search engines and type in special search terms to pull up information on your own or your competitor’s backlinks. It’s like online business spying.

• Do Offer RSS feeds
If you offer people looking for content, an RSS feed to content on your site, they will automatically backlink to you.

• Do Press releases
If you have noteworthy news, you can write up a press release and send it out to sites that publish new announcements. read more

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How to Make Money in a Small Niche

How to Make Money in a Small Niche With a Simple Business Model

When it comes to earning money online as a marketer, most people go wrong in exactly the same place.

That crucial error?

Their ambition.

Unfortunately, too much ambition is very commonly the downfall of many online businesses and marketers which essentially causes them to bite off more than they can chew and then give up too easily.

Instead of aiming to become rich or change the world, it makes much more sense to start off small. Aim to accomplish something small first and then build on each success to eventually reach the top. read more

Five Rules For a High-Impact Social Media Presence

Five Rules For a High-Impact Social Media Presence

Every second of every day, tens of millions of people are interacting with their chosen social media platform. Tens of millions of people who could very well take an interest in your business.

But how can you develop the kind of social media presence that ensures you stand out from the crowd? What can you do to emerge as a leader in your field, when up against such spectacular competition?

The short answer – it isn’t going to be easy.

On the plus side, you’ll stand a much better chance of building a solid and consistent presence if you abide by the following five rules at all times: read more