Developing a Marketing Strategy

Since marketing is the most important aspect of making money online, it’s essential to develop a good marketing strategy.

That doesn’t mean just telling all your friends and neighbors about the money making website you are contemplating but rather developing an actual marketing plan that will show everyone what you have to offer.

Your marketing plan should include how you plan to promote your products, the target audience you wish to address and your future projections in terms of profitability and future sales potential.

Your marketing strategy should begin with your initial target audience and how you plan to approach them in terms of creating sales. You also want to determine the methods you plan to use in order to promote your business.

Some of the ideas you might want to consider include the following

* Classified advertisements (not one of the most effective methods)
* Direct marketing
* Inclusion of your website URL in your email signature
* Opt in mailing lists
* PPC advertising
* Search engine submissions
* Direct communication
* Link exchange services
*Traffic Exchanges

While your initial marketing strategy will focus on drawing the first visitors to your website, you also want to look toward the future at the same time.

Do not stop at just marketing your website for its opening day but rather make sure your marketing plan covers future sales as well.

Once you have your initial marketing strategy and your website is live you should immediately work on your strategy for increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Keep in mind that by the law of averages only a small percentage of visitors to your website will actually buy what you offer. On the other hand the more visitors you have, the better the chances are that at least some of them will generate sales.

Even if only one percent of the visitors to your website create a sale, that means one sale for every one hundred visitors.

Be careful your marketing strategy does not include those with the least possibility of becoming customers.

For instance, if you are selling snow blowers, you will not want to target audiences in Hawaii.

While there is a small possibility those outside of your target audience may help by giving your URL to other potential customers, you want to spend time focusing on those who might need or want what you offer.

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