Facebook Marketing Tips

Marketing on Facebook is fairly easy, but there are several different
ways to go about it. The easiest way is by setting up fan pages, so that
people can click the “like” button and follow your updates.

It’s important that your fan page has a purpose if you want it to be
successful. You must have a specific plan for your pages because
people won’t click that button unless they like what they see.

Once you have created a great looking fan page make sure that you
regularly post tips, gifts and links to videos on the page to keep people
coming back to read and comment often. You can even run contest to
encourage participation.

If you are stuck for ideas just login to your Facebook account and do a
search for your top keywords and see what others in your market are

As the name implies be social you should spend time socializing.

This should be obvious, but too many marketers skip this vital
component when using social media to advertise their wares.

While it may take a bit of time to socialize, it is an important step of the
process, because people aren’t willing to pay attention to you and your
marketing messages if they don’t know who you are.

You must make sure that you socialize with your friends fans and
followers, especially if you want them to respond to your marketing

Think about it this way for a minute.

– Who would you trust more?

– The opinion of your friend, family, coworker

– Or the opinion of salesperson you just met.

The simple fact is that people will be much more likely to buy what
you recommend if they trust you and you can earn their trust by
socializing with them, letting them get to know you, only recommending
quality products and posting useful information on a regular basis.

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