Outsource Or Write?

outsourceOkay, you’ve done the practice and you’ve come to the conclusion that you have before you one of two scenarios:

Write it yourself or Outsource the work.

You hate writing copy or it takes you too long and you need a sales letter fast so you can get your next product launch live and earning money sooner rather than later.

This is where you, as the business person, has to sit down and do a cost analysis. Here are some of the things you want to consider:

• Is it worth it for you to spend two hours writing copy for your site that is good when you can pay someone to do it in less time and have it be great?
• How much do you make an hour?
• How much does it cost to hire a great copywriter?
• Can your skills be better utilized in layout?
• How fast do you need this copy?
• How effective is your copy versus a professional’s copy?
• Can you recoup what you paid a copywriter in additional sales?
• How long will your copy run and how much revenue can it potentially generate?

These are all things that will help you to decide whether it pays to hire someone to write the copy for you or not. If you really hate copywriting and it is important to your business, then you will want to look for a good team of copywriters who can fulfill your business needs at a reasonable cost.

You will have saved the time it takes your to write the copy and paid someone else to get quality work to you at a good price. If it takes you four hours to write two pages and they charge a fee that actually makes it profitable to hire the work out instead, then you know you’ve made a good business decision in the long run.

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