The REAL Price of “Free” Traffic

At the risk of upsetting some people, let’s get real…

Free traffic is usually anything but!

You’ve probably tried some free traffic tactics…

…And maybe you’ve even seen some results.

But have you really, truly calculated how much this free traffic is costing you?

If you write 10 articles, each one taking an hour to write and submit, to make one affiliate sale at $27 apiece…

…You’ve effectively just made $2.70 an hour.

Free traffic isn’t free.

In fact, it’s probably the most expensive type of traffic you could get on the internet.

It drastically devalues your time and very often doesn’t work at all.

Ultimately it has been the end of many an online venture as people just don’t get the traffic they need in the timescales they need and therefore quit.

Therefore the ultimate price of free traffic can be your business!

If you want people to see your offer, your sales letter, your opt-in pages or your website you
should be trying to figure out how to get *cheap* traffic…

…or traffic that cost nothing in the long term.

Cheap, targeted, high converting traffic.

Stop looking for free traffic and start looking for *profitable* traffic.

Simply – The vast majority of people who make real dough in internet marketing pay for traffic.

Sure, they might get some traffic from free sources like SEO…

…Hell, I do myself.

But if Google decided to slam us (as they keep trying to do!), we’d still be able to survive

So if you are still relying on ‘free’ traffic, what are you waiting for?

At least have a look at traffic creation in a new, more effective way…


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