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The best way to build a highly successful business is to help those in your team become successful.

Welcome to our team build … your journey to achieving your income goals start here

As you may be aware we use a 19 year old company for our team build.

SFI is the company we are using for our team build.



Welcome to Tips, Tools and Links!

This is the beginning of your journey with SFI and it’s going to be an exciting one. With so much information available on the SFI website, this email series is intended to help you navigate through the material and develop course of action to simplify your journey and reach your goal of long-term income with SFI.

Congratulations on taking the first step and registering as an SFI Affiliate! Now what do you do? SFI knows that there is a lot of information on the website to absorb and learn. With that in mind SFI gives you up to two months to complete training and qualify for the first paid position of the compensation plan – Executive Affiliate.

When you registered with SFI, you automatically became a member of our Team Build. This means that members of your upline support team will place Affiliates into your team. There are two simple qualifications – Login regularly and maintain at least 250 VersaPoints monthly.

There are plenty of ways to earn FREE Versapoints (VP). In fact, within your first month (or up to the end of your second month) you can earn 1500 free VP which will qualify you as an Executive Affiliate.  Completing just a few of the Getting Started Actions can earn you 410 VP – more than enough for the Team Build to start placing PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) in your Team.

  1. Confirm your registration
    2. Whitelisting
    3. Complete your Affiliate Profile
    4. Send your SFI Commitment Message to your upline leaders
    5. Upload your photo to the Affiliate Centre

All of these actions are located within the To-Do Tab in the Affiliate Centre. If you have viewed the Daily Actions video, you will know where to find the tab.

Here is the video link:

Once you have completed the Getting Started Actions and reviewed the Daily Action video you are ready to begin. Repetition and consistency are the key, especially in your first days with SFI. Try to spend time each day on the website:

  1. Login
    2.  Daily Action Tabs – turn the red tabs to green
    3.  LaunchPad Training

Click on the Rocket Ship in the menu bar in the upper right corner of the Home Page to access LaunchPad training. DO NOT try to get through all of the LaunchPad training in a day or so. SFI allows plenty of time to finish the training.  Try to read one or two lessons, including the related lessons, each day. Be sure and verify you have completed the lessons – click on the button at the bottom of the page and receive your free VP.

Taking the initiative to get started and following through with daily action is the key. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to learn everything in a few days. If you want to do more, that’s great. How fast you learn is up to you and the time you have available. No matter whether you are working through slowly or fast, repeat the same procedure Daily:

Daily Actions:

  1. Login
    2. Daily Action Tabs
    3. LaunchPad training

Please contact your sponsor with any questions. For all your upline contact information click:

Please remember that SFI is NOT a get-rich quick program. It will take time and effort to achieve your desired residual income. The work isn’t hard but you do need to be consistent. When you send the SFI Commitment Message to your sponsor, make a commitment to yourself to take the business step by step, ask for help along the way and have fun!

Two final items to note:

Class Cash: If you have entered the Class Cash Drawing, you should’ve received an email from SFI with your Class Cash Number. Keep this email for reference. This draw is for people who joined SFI the same day as you. The odds of winning are pretty good, but there are regulations for the draw. First you must login to SFI at least 10 times and have a minimum of 250 VersaPoints. During the course of the month, SFI will send you a few emails with an update on your progress and a reminder to login on the 30th day to see if you are a winner.

New Member Pack: SFI has put together a New Member pack that is only available in your first ten days with SFI. It’s only $20 and has: 500 VersaPoints, 50 TCredits, 200 Member Reward Points, 10 Eager Zebra Express “Tokens”, 30 free entries in the TripleClicks Daily Crown Drawing, and 3 CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) added to your team. The VP, TCredits, MRP and tokens are added to your account automatically. The CSA may take a day or so to show up. You may not receive any notification when they arrive so check your genealogy report.

As far as I know, you may purchase more than one New Member Pack. Some Affiliates don’t feel it’s a necessary purchase, but it does give you a head start with VP and TCredits.

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