Getting Started

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The best way to build a highly successful business is to help those in your team become successful.

Welcome to our team build … your journey to achieving your income goals start here

As you may be aware we use a 19 year old company for our team build.

SFI is the company we are using for our team build.





I’m sure you are anxious to get started and the following is a quick reference guide with information and important links.

Return here as often as you need  … also send your new members here to give them a track to run on.

We work together as a group to help each other. More on this later.

In case you haven’t set up your Affiliate Profile, view the following video to do so.

If you are already a SFI member, please skip past some of the first part.

LaunchPad Training:

First and foremost, complete the LaunchPad training. It will take a few days, or more, to get through it all. As you progress, you will find most of your questions answered.

If you don’t find what you need through the training, the forum or this document, don’t hesitate to contact your sponsor, your upline or me.

Please remember we do not know everything … there will be times when we’ll need to go to our upline to get your answers.  However you will get answers.

We have a forum specifically for the Personal Sponsored associates (PSAs) in our Team,hosted by our upline, Lance Green.

Daily Actions:

Do the Daily Actions. This is an easy way to accumulate VersaPoints and keep abreast of what is happening with SFI and TripleClicks.

This video will explain what you need to do.

Weekly/Monthly Actions:

In the “To Do” Tab, you will also find the Weekly and Monthly actions.

Some of them you don’t need to worry about until your team starts to grow.

Weekly Actions

Monthly Actions

SFI has laid out a simple 3 Step plan for Success:
1. Become an Executive Affiliate and remain an EA every month
2. Recruit Five Affiliates (our Team Build helps accomplish this goal)
3. Teach your Five Affiliates to do the same steps


Everyone joins as an Affiliate.

This gives you a chance to look around and check out the tools available to build with SFI.

VersaPoints (VP) are used as the primary method for determining your rank in SFI.

In order to achieve success and financial freedom, you need to advance, the first goal is to become an Executive Affiliate (EA) as soon as possible.
Once you accumulate 1500VP, you qualify as an EA.

Executive Affiliate (EA) can be achieved within your first month, or first two months, by the accumulation of free VersaPoints (from LaunchPad Training and Daily Actions). Some people like to test the waters in their first month, or they join later in the month, and may not reach 1500 VP.

Whatever VP you earned in your First Month can be carried over to your Second Month. This is a one-time only action. Watch for your alert from SFI.

This can be achieved without spending any money.

The other option, the Fast Track option, is to purchase VPs.

This is done through TripleClicks by purchasing a TCredit Package.

There are different packages available, each with different TCredit and VP amounts.

Your SFI membership also gives you full access to TripleClicks, where you can purchase TCredit packages.

Option #1: TCredits – 125 Package
You receive: 125 T-Credits, 1500 VersaPoints
$36.25 on Auto Delivery
With this package, you qualify immediately as an EA

Option #2: TCredits – 100 Package
You receive: 100 T-Credits, 1200 VersaPoints
$29.00 on Auto Delivery
With Option #2, you will need 300 VP through Daily/Weekly/Monthly actions to qualify as EA
For other ways to earn free VP check the LaunchPad Section on VersaPoints.

For a list of benefits and a complete comparison list visit:

As the comparison chart illustrates, VersaPoints (VP) are used as the primary method of determining rank.

The more VP you accumulate, the higher your rank. VP also unlocks several components of the compensation plan.


Recruit 5 Affiliates.

SFI is a Network Marketing company, which is all about building a team of affiliates who share your enthusiasm to build their own business and create financial freedom.

You have the advantage of being part of a Team Build.

What does that mean for you?

As long as you login regularly, accumulate at least 250 VP monthly, your sponsor will assign Affiliates directly to you! Perhaps you are already seeing your team grow through reassignments.

Start doing the Daily Actions and LaunchPad training – two of the easiest ways to accumulate the VP you need to be considered an active Team Member.

Our Team will usually place 5 PSAs in your team once the minimum VP has been reached. We help you complete Step 2!

Once you start to understand how SFI and our Team Build work, you will want to begin advertising, promoting and adding more PSAs to your team.
Different quantities of PSAs can be purchased through TripleClicks vendors.
These packages can also be set up on Auto-Delivery to arrive on a monthly basis. Check with the vendors for special packages and limited time offers.
Note that you will receive VP for your purchases – the amount will vary with what you buy.

Check these links for more deals.
Olivia Store:
PSAs To Go:

Teach 5 PSAs in your Team to do the same things.

This business is sifting and sorting. Finding people who are serious about building a business, like you and I.

Repeat the 3 Steps.

THE BEGINNING: This is the beginning of your new business with SFI and our Team Build.

Keep working through the LaunchPad training, doing the Daily Tasks and accumulating VP.

You will find a blend of PSAs in your team – some will build fast, some will build slow and there will be those who do absolutely nothing at all.

That’s just the way it is.

Login every day, follow up with your PSAs, be there to support them.

You can identify the serious ones by checking the “Movers” tab on the SFI home page.

Use the communication tools such as the PSA mailer to keep in contact with your entire group.

Someone who is inactive today may be a Bronze or Silver in the future, keep them in the loop.

Everyone moves at their own pace and for their own reasons

If you want to put your business on the fast-track, purchase a T125 Pack on Auto-Delivery (it’s the easiest way to meet your EA qualification monthly).

Purchase a PSA pack on Auto-Delivery to add new affiliates to your business on a regular basis.

There are lots of packages and specials to suit any budget.
Be persistent, consistent and patient.

SFI isn’t a get rich quick program.

Contact your sponsor or your upline with any questions – we are here to help.

If you are not sure who your upline is please check here:

Everyone in your upline has been in your position and knows how overwhelming the SFI site can be when you first start to navigate your way around. Every question is a good question, don’t hesitate to ask.

Our Team is behind you all the way!

I would like to thank my Sponsor Karen Stoyles for providing me with most of this information