Tips and Tools #2: Welcoming New PSAs

Tips and Tools #2: Welcoming New PSAs

As noted in the last training article, once you reach a level of 250 VersaPoints (VP) our Team Build will begin placing PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) into your Team. If you completed the Getting Started Actions in the Training email, you will have more than enough VP to start receiving PSAs.

When a PSA is put into your downline, you receive an email notification. The procedures that you follow will be the same no matter the source of the PSA (reassigned, through advertising or purchased).

You can view the new PSA

a)through the link contained in the email you received OR b) through the Genealogy report in SFI.

Generate an Ice Breaker with the new PSA. Click on the “hands” to initiate an “Icebreaker.” Here is how it works:

  1. Genealogy report (Tools > Team Building > Genealogy) you will see the name of your new PSA. Click the “hands” beside their name to initiate IceBreaker
  2. Click on the “Affiliate” link in the email to be taken to the Affiliate Snapshot Click on the hands beside their name

Next, scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find a big box (could be blank if you haven’t put anything there yet). PASTE the letter (find below in this email) in that spot

Now that letter is saved, you won’t have to do that part again. The system will default to this letter unless you change it.

At the bottom of the box:

Click “PREVIEW FORMATTED LETTER” The system will put the member’s name

SELECT ALL (right click) and COPY.
Click EMAIL – it will automatically open your email, fill in the email address and the subject line. All you need to do is paste the letter in the body and send. Close your email window.

Click “Mark As Done” in the Affiliate Snapshot window

Once you save the first one it will remain as the default letter. All you need to do is request to “Preview Formatted Letter”, copy and send it out.

You will probably get questions. If you don’t know the answer, forward the question to your sponsor. If he/she can’t answer, they’ll find the information and let you know.

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Subject:  SFI Welcome Letter:


YOUR NAME here, your Personal Sponsor at SFI. I would like to welcome you to our Team and let you know how simple becoming successful in SFI really is. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the address listed below. I’ll do my best to support you in any way I can. I do not consider myself successful unless you are successful!

One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance—with more than 20 years behind it and literally tens of millions of dollars invested into building its system and infrastructure. You’re now part of a REAL business where you can earn a very large income, but it will take time to fully absorb everything. This is not an overnight riches kind of opportunity and that’s alright, because anything worthwhile in life takes time. So, relax and take your time.

When you first logged in to SFI, I’m pretty sure what you saw was overwhelming, I know it was for me! Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks. Learn a little bit every day. Soon, making money with SFI will become second nature for you.

Though you will NOT have to learn everything right away, you can start right now by learning about the Daily Actions. It will only take a few minutes a day!

Another great place to start learning, is our state of the art, Launch Pad Training. This is where SFI explains how your new business will be successful and the step-by-step plan for your success. Check out your personal Launch Pad here: (You will have to be logged in to SFI).

In order to help our new Affiliates, we have assembled some important tips and links in a series of emails that will guide you over the next few weeks as you get started with SFI. To receive these emails, please opt-in to the list here:   Be sure to confirm your email address when prompted.

Whether or not you have experience with MLM, what we’re doing is far easier than what has been done before. Our Team Build is dedicated to helping EVERYONE succeed with SFI. Our Team Leader, Lance Green, will be in contact with you. As part of our Team Build it’s possible that you may be reassigned to another Affiliate, that’s how we help each other develop their own team. When you login regularly and work through the training, your upline will reassign Affiliates to your Team too.

SFI is unique in another very important way. Everyone in SFI has a Co-Sponsor. This person will be advising you as to the way He/She is working their SFI business – and it could be something completely different than we are doing. As you progress through SFI, you will also receive Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

Congratulations on your decision to join SFI. Welcome to our Team, I look forward to working with you!


Your SFI Sponsor



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