Tips and Tools 4 – Executive Affiliate

Tips and Tools 4 – Executive Affiliate

How are you doing? Are you checking the Daily Action Tabs and reading LaunchPad Training? By now you should have a better understanding of SFI and feel more comfortable working with the Daily Tabs and navigating the website. Remember to begin each day with the Daily Actions.

Daily Actions:
1. Login to SFI
2. Daily Action Tabs – turn the red tabs green – get your FREE VP!
3. LaunchPad Training

Executive Affiliate:

Executive Affiliate (EA) is an important and easy position to achieve and has its advantages:

  1. Access to SFI’s business-builder tools – Hit Tracking, Key Codes and more
  2. TripleClicks Executive Pool – every VP you generate gets you a share in the pool
  3. CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate) – you will now earn a commission on CSA’s purchases
  4. Free CSAs added to your downline every month
  5. Receive 10 free TCredits per month (from your second month as an EA)


EA is also an important position to maintain. At the beginning of the month VP resets to zero for everyone and we need to requalify with a total of 1500 VP. This can easily be done through a combination of VP earned and VP purchased.

The simplest way to be sure you remain qualified every month is to set up an Auto Delivery of a TCredit pack.

Option #1: TCredits – 125 Package

You receive:     125 T-Credits, 1500 VersaPoints

$36.25 on Auto Delivery

With this package, you qualify immediately as an EA


Option #2: TCredits – 100 Package

You receive:     100 T-Credits, 1200 VersaPoints

$29.00 on Auto Delivery

With Option #2, you will need 300 VP through Daily/Weekly/Monthly actions to complete the qualification as EA


TCredits purchased in these packs can be used for playing games in Eager Zebra or for bidding at Pricebenders Auctions. They can also be used to purchase PSAs in TripleClicks.


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