Tips and Tools 5: PSA and CSA

Tips and Tools 5: PSA and CSA

With regular activity on the SFI website, accumulation of VP and working through the LaunchPad Training, our Team Build will start to reassign PSAs to help build your team. If you have been putting our Tips into action, you will already have received some PSA from Team Build.

To view your Team, from the SFI Home Page Black Menu Bar:

Click > Tools > Team Building > Genealogy


There are several different filters to view activity, logins, geographic region, PSA or CSA join dates and more. The main view – Basics – gives you lots of information on your Team members, but do check out the filters at your leisure.


Your Team will be made up of PSA – Personally Sponsored Affiliates and CSA – Co-Sponsored Affiliates. Everyone in SFI has two sponsors – their Personal Sponsor and a Co-Sponsor. As an Executive Affiliate you will receive two CSA each month you qualify. Each level of the Compensation Plan receives CSA monthly. Check the Benefits Chart for more information:


Every one of us wants to build a strong team of Affiliates. We can build through advertising, word of mouth and we have the option of purchasing PSAs. There are various vendors in TripleClicks that offer PSA packages. The choices are many – how many PSA’s do you want to purchase? Where would you like them from? How much do you want to spend? When you purchase PSAs in TripleClicks, you also receive VP!

Remember, the TCredit package you purchased? Unless you are using your TCredits up for bidding in Pricebenders or spending on Eager Zebra games, TripleClicks is the only other place to spend them, so why not invest in your business and purchase some PSAs?


For example:

Olivia Store has a deal for 10 PSA. You can order 10 PSA and receive 3 for free. The cost is $14.00. You receive 204 VP and 5 MRP (Member Reward Points). OR you can buy for 94 TCredits.

However, it is important to note:

VP(VersaPoints) are awarded ONLY on purchases of TripleClicks Direct products when paid for with TCredits.


VP and CV are not awarded on ECA purchases (i.e.: Olivia Store) or Member Listings when TCredits are used as payment.

If you are using TCredits, and counting on VP from your purchase to help you qualify for the month, check the info box carefully and be sure you are buying from TripleClicks Direct.

Look at the box in the upper right portion of the page. It will list the Vendor in the upper gray portion. It will also show the Product Information including the MRP and TCredit costs. Each purchase earns VP and either MRP or Rewardicals depending on the vendor.

Let’s look at a few options for purchasing PSA:

The S-Builder Co-op advertises worldwide and will put between 4 and 10 PSAs in your group (there is no guarantee on how many you will receive). Cost is $24.00 for a one-time purchase or $22.00 on Auto-Delivery.  PSA will not start arriving until the following month and delivery is very sporadic.


Builder Bundle gives you a little bit of everything and can be purchased on a monthly Auto-Delivery for $55.00. You receive: 1500 VP, 100 TCredits, 100 MRP, 8 freshly-generated PSA and 2 CSA. The CSA will arrive immediately and the PSA will arrive the following month.


Different quantities of PSAs can be purchased through TripleClicks vendors. These packages can also be set up on Auto-Delivery to arrive on a monthly basis. Check with the vendors for special packages and limited time offers. Note that you will receive VP for your purchases – the amount will vary with what you buy. Check the links below for more deals.


Olivia Store:


PSAs To Go:


Whether you are doing some advertising, purchasing PSA or have had some placed in your team from an upline member, when a new PSA arrives, you need to contact and welcome him/her. Please refer to Tip Tools Email #2 Welcoming New PSAs for the Welcome Letter instructions.

Checking your “Movers” Tab and your genealogy daily will keep you abreast of who is working and accumulating VP. Once a PSA has reached the appropriate amount of VP, begin reassigning PSAs under them. It doesn’t matter whether the PSAs you are reassigning are active or not, they are simply to help your new person qualify as they advance.

Reassigning PSAs:

Write down the number of the PSA you want to move people UNDER. Instructions on how to reassign:

You will receive a notification email as soon as the reassignment is complete.

The “Movers” report is an important tool check every day. The filters can be adjusted to PSA or CSA activity. This report also helps to see who you should be in contact with to offer support, send tips, or congratulate on achievements. It also is a quick reference to help you know who is ready to receive reassigned PSAs.

SFI Active Sponsor Policy: What happens if you reassign PSAs and the new sponsor does nothing, or decides to opt out? SFI’s Active Sponsor Policy states, PSAs must login at least once AND have at least 250 VersaPoints every 45 days. Affiliates who fail to meet these two requirements will immediately and permanently forfeit all PSAs to their sponsor.

It may take up to 24 hours for them to return to you.

CSA – Co-Sponsored Affiliates: SFI’s plan gives every Affiliate two sponsors – their personal sponsor and a co-sponsor. Every month you qualify as an EA, or above, you automatically receive CSAs. The number received will depend on your level in the compensation plan.

We share in the financial benefits and support responsibilities of the CSA. We can immediately earn 15% commissions on CSA purchases! We get paid on the CSA alone, not their downline.

As a Co-Sponsor you can offer advice and tips to your CSAs through the CSA and Team Mailers. There will be inactive CSA and there will be active CSA (who will show in the “Movers” tab). Try to keep in touch and offer support just as you would with your PSA.

To retain your CSAs, you must maintain 1500 VP monthly. If you don’t retain EA status, your CSAs will be reassigned by SFI to another Co-Sponsor.


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