Tips and Tools #6: Moving On Up

Tips and Tools #6: Moving On Up

Everything in SFI works with VersaPoints. We work to earn Versapoints to advance through the program. We are paid based on the number of VP earned by our downline. We earn shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool based on the number of VP we earn personally. We begin to earn matching VP on our downline once we achieve the Bronze Affiliate Level. Check the Comparison Chart for a complete breakdown.

When you reach a total of 3000 VP and have 5 PSA in your team, you qualify as Bronze. The VP can be a total of earned VP through actions (Daily Actions, Games) and purchased VP through TripleClicks (TCredit packs or PSAs, or merchandise).

Bronze Affiliates are also able to register for Opti-Build and become part of the SFI Matrix compensation plan.

Opti-Build is an SFI program that actively and directly helps you and your team build a powerful and lucrative 5×5 team. Opti-Build is a live auto-reassigner of your sign-ups. You have the option of auto-reassigning either 50% or 100% of your personal sign-ups. The reassigned PSA will go to those who have been designated as Designated Diamonds (DD) on your first level, and then later, to DDs on lower levels of your team.

If you are serious about building a business, once you are a Bronze Affiliate, register for Opti-Build. 50% is the most common percentage. You can opt out or change to 100% any time.

For more information:

Sign-up for Opti-Build:  (if you are Bronze!)

Designated Diamond:

The SFI Compensation Plan has lots to offer. Take some time and look through for information on the benefits, requirements for each level of the plan, and the various ways to create income with SFI.

Keep an eye on the “Movers” in your team, reassigning PSAs when necessary, maintaining a line of communication with the group (PSA, CSA mailers, Stream Post), advertise and promote, and work on building up your VP to reach the next level – Bronze.

In your business, everyone will work at their own pace and budget. As sponsors, we need to do our best to encourage activity. Contact your Team through the PSA mailer, or Stream Post. Pass along tips or news about the Team Build or SFI. Be available to help whenever you can, or find answers if you’re not sure about something. Our main job as a Sponsor is to sift and sort through our Team to find the PSAs who see what we do and help them work the 3 Steps.

What’s Next? Help one (or more!) of your PSAs become a Bronze Affiliate. Silver Affiliate! Repeat the process and move through the Compensation Plan. AIM HIGH! DREAM BIG!

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