Tips and Tools #9: Links

Tips and Tools #9: Links

Our final email is a compilation of links that will be useful. Some we have referred to in the Tips and Tools Emails, but there are some others that you will find handy.

SFI Login:

Upline Sponsors:

SFI Basics: 3 Steps:

SFI Rules of Success:

SFI Active Sponsor Policy:

SFI Forum:

Team Build Forum:


Compensation Plan and Opti-Build

SFI Comparison Chart:


Opti-Build Sign-up:


Advertising and Key Codes

SFI Gateway List:

Key Codes:

Key Code Tracking:

SFI Marketing Methods and Aids:


Purchasing and Reassigning PSA:

Reassign PSA:

TCredit 125 Pack:

TCredit 100 Pack:

S-Builder Co-Op:

Builder Bundle:

Olivia Store:


PSAs To Go:

Made in the UK:

Rubipress:  not always available

New Member Pack:  available in first 10 days



Registration & First Steps:

Daily Action Video:

Weekly Actions:

Monthly Actions:

Create SFI ad to post on Facebook:



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