Tips, Tools and Links #8: Putting It Together

Tips, Tools and Links #8: Putting It Together

It’s been approximately two weeks since you joined SFI. At this point you may still have many questions as to how this all fits together and can provide you with a solid income. Keep SFI’s Basics in mind:

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate and maintain EA status
  2. Recruit 5 Personally Sponsored Affiliates
  3. Teach your Affiliates to do the same three steps

We are concentrating on building a team. With our team members purchasing TCredit Packs and PSA or CSA, we are earning on their purchases. Imagine what your income would be if everyone in your team did the same three steps every month.

Promote SFI through traffic exchanges, safelists, social media, blogs, word of mouth or any of the other methods in SFI Marketing Methods.

Promote TripleClicks Online Mall and Pricebenders Penny Auctions through the same formats. Take advantage of the free banners that will link signups directly to you.

Monitor your team daily. When you have a PSA with 250 VP or higher, reassign 5 PSA to him/her. If you need PSA for reassignment, ask your upline.

You may find that as part of our Team Build that you may be reassigned to another PSA in our downline. This is our commitment to the Team Build in action – helping everyone in our team who demonstrates regular activity within the program.

Each team Leader is looking for 5 Leaders – Designated Diamonds – and will build their team under those 5 Affiliates. Will you be a Designated Diamond?

  1. Become a Bronze Team Leader with 3000 VP
  2. Sponsor 5 Affiliates (this is why we reassign 5 PSA)
  3. Sign up for Opti-Build (start with 50%) and receive PSA from your upline every month you remain a qualified Designated Diamond

Keep repeating the same steps to advance through the Compensation Plan. The qualifications are slightly different for each level, but the basics are the same.

SFI can’t get any easier than that. Promote, Recruit, Train. You have the power of SFI’s systems and your upline behind you all the way!

Of course, there is more to SFI than we have laid out in these emails. The information we have shared relates to the majority of questions we get in the first few weeks. By the time you have finished the LaunchPad training, sifted through the posts on the Forum and thoroughly investigated the links on the SFI website, you’ll be amazed at how far you have come. Every day you spend on the website, you get more comfortable and see how it all fits together.

Aim High! Dream Big!


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