Tips and Tools #7 – Advertising

Tips and Tools #7 – Advertising

As we covered in Tips and Tools #5 we can purchase PSAs. In Tips and Tools #6 we learned that as a Designated Diamond and Opti-Build, your upline will automatically reassign PSAs to your team. Plus, as a member of our Team Build, you will receive PSA from your upline. If you want to help your team grow faster (and you probably will!), you can help the team advertise.

SFI has a number of free Gateway Links: Home Page> Reference> Gateway List


These links can be used to advertise on Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Blogs, etc. Attach one to the signature line of emails you send out. SFI suggests the use of Key Codes to track your advertising and they are simple to use and can be easily tracked.



Simply add a number after your ID number in one of the Gateway links as follows:  The x’s indicate an ID number and I added .451 after the ID number. When someone signs up using this particular link, the 451 will show up under Key Code in the notification email and the genealogy report.

Track the number of hits to your link at:

Please note that this report is reset to zero every Sunday.


When you reach Executive Affiliate, Lance Green (our upline Team Leader) will automatically create a splash page for you that can be used to advertise. This page will have a Key Code – a number at the end that will direct any signups to you. For example, my splash page is:

There are many avenues to promote your SFI business – from traffic exchanges, safelists to blogging and social media. SFI has many more options to check out:


We do have some guidelines for advertising as per Lance:

We are not an SFI Team-Build.  We do not want to call our team that because it IMPLIES that SFI, the company itself, has something to do with it – which could get us in trouble with them.  SFI is more strict about this than other companies are.   It’s why NONE of our team-build ads says SFI or Triple Clicks – and it’s not in the meta tags or description either.  (I have permission from SFI to do this team-build, as long as we stick to these guidelines.)  

We are a Team-Build that is USING SFI as the business for our team.  The difference isn’t obvious, but believe me, there is a difference in the meaning.   Saying it this way implies that I COULD add something to our team-build, not that I ever would (there’s no need). 

No income claims!  Use things like “what I’m using to earn a living” or “a new team-build” or anything along those lines (in your description/ad/ site title you put in the TE’s). If you put SFI anywhere, people who WERE in SFI at one point in the past will ignore it (we want these people on our team).

We don’t want to upset the CURRENT members of SFI, either.  We are able to build our teams right alongside each other BECAUSE we didn’t name our team-build.  

Keep in mind that nearly all of the TEs and Safelists have banner rotators. Put an SFI banner on every site that offers the opportunity. You usually get banner impression “credits” when you sign up and can win them through surfing (on some sites).

Visit the SFI Marketing Centre for Banners, Advertising and Promotion suggestions:

Don’t forget Social Media is a great place to advertise as well – Facebook, Twitter, blogs. Check the Forum for more suggestions.

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