What’s Next

By now you should be well into the LaunchPad Training.

Maybe you have tried out a few of the games and perhaps even bid on one of the auctions in Price Benders. Great!

Every time you login to SFI, do the Daily Actions – turn all the red tabs to green!

Every tab you turn green gives you a VersaPoint.

It only takes a few minutes, so take advantage of every free VP you can get.



Remember SFI 3 Step Plan for Success:
1. Become an Executive Affiliate and remain EA every month
2. Recruit 5 Affiliates (Our team build helps with this)
3. Teach your 5 Affiliates to do the same 3 Steps

EA (1500 VP)is an important, and easy, position to achieve through Training in your first two months.

But it’s also an important position to maintain.

The simplest way to be sure you remain qualified every month is to set up an Auto Delivery of a TCredit pack.

Option #1: TCredits – 125 Package https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474
You receive: 125 T-Credits, 1500 VersaPoints
$36.25 on Auto Delivery
With this package, you qualify immediately as an EA

Option #2: TCredits – 100 Package https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=96180
You receive: 100 T-Credits, 1200 VersaPoints
$29.00 on Auto Delivery
With Option #2, you will need 300 VP through Daily/Weekly/Monthly actions to complete the
qualification as EA

With regular activity on the SFI website, accumulation of VP and working through the LaunchPad Training, our Team Build will start to reassign PSAs to you and your team.

While we would like to see 600 VP before we begin reassignments, when a PSA shows effort (250-300 at
the very least!), reassignments will start to occur.

Check the VP ledger for your PSAs and see where they are concentrating their efforts.

Keep an eye on the “Movers” in your team, reassigning PSAs when necessary, maintaining a line of communication with the group (PSA, CSA mailers, Stream Post), advertise and promote, and work on building up your VP to reach the next level – Bronze.

There are various vendors in TripleClicks that offer PSA packages.
The choices are many – how many PSA’s do you want to purchase?
Where would you like them from?
How much do you want to spend?
Remember, when you purchase PSAs in TripleClicks, you also receive VP!

If you use the TCredits received from your T-Credit pack to purchase PSAs, it is important to note: VP(VersaPoints) are awarded ONLY on purchases of TripleClicks Direct products.

VP and CV are not awarded on ECA (i.e.: Olivia Store) or Member Listings purchases when TCredits are used as payment. If you are using TCredits, and counting on VP from your purchase to help you qualify for the month, check the info box carefully and be sure you are buying from TripleClicks Direct.

Whether you are doing some advertising, purchased PSA or have had some placed in your team from an upline member, when a new PSA arrives, you need to contact and welcome him/her.

Your sponsor should have sent you the Welcome letter when you received your first group of Reassigned PSAs. (Contact your sponsor if you don’t have a copy)

Generate an Ice Breaker with the new PSA. In your genealogy report (Tools > Team Building >Genealogy) you will see the name of your new PSA. Click on the “hands” beside their name to initiate an “Icebreaker.”

Here is how it works: https://www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=225517&referrer=search

You could also send a Welcome e-card with the Daily Actions video link to get them started.

Checking your “Movers” report and your genealogy daily will keep you abreast of who is working and accumulating VP. Once a PSA has reached the appropriate amount of VP, begin reassigning PSAs under them.

It doesn’t matter whether the PSAs you are reassigning are active or not, they are simply to help your new person qualify as they advance.

Reassigning PSAs:
Write down the number of the PSA you want to move people UNDER. Instructions on how to reassign: https://www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=210256&referrer=search
You will receive a notification email as soon as the reassignment is complete.

The “Movers” report is an important tool check every day. The filters can be adjusted to PSA or CSA activity. This report also helps to see who you should be in contact with to offer support, send tips, or congratulate on achievements. It also is a quick reference to help you know who is ready to receive reassigned PSAs.

What happens if you reassign PSAs and the new sponsor does nothing, or decides to opt out?
SFI’s Inactive Policy states, if your PSA is inactive for 45 days and has less than 250 VP, any PSAs
you have reassigned will come back to you. It may take up to 24 hrs for them to show up in your team again.

Bronze: Once you have a total of 3000 VP and 5 PSA in your team, you qualify as Bronze. The VP can be a total of earned VP through actions (Daily Actions, Games) and purchased VP through TripleClicks (TCredit packs or PSAs, or merchandise).
Now you are able to register for Opt-Build and become of the SFI Matrix compensation plan.
Opti-Build is an SFI program that actively and directly helps you and your team build a powerful and lucrative 5×5 team. Opti-Build is a live auto-reassigner of your sign-ups.
You have the option of auto-reassigning either 50% or 100% of your personal sign-ups. The reassigned PSA will go to those who have been designated as Designated Diamonds (DD) on your first level, and then later, to DDs on lower levels of your team. 50% is the most common percentage.
For more information: https://news.sfimg.com/2017/03/06/introducing-opti-build/
Sign-up for Opti-Build: https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/optibuild (if you are Bronze!)

You can opt out or change to 100% at any time
Designated Diamond: https://www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=215366&referrer=search

The SFI Compensation Plan has lots to offer. Take some time and look through for information on the benefits, requirements for each level of the plan, and the various ways to create income with SFI. https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan

In your business, everyone will work at their own pace and budget. As sponsors, we need to do our best to encourage activity. Contact your Team through the PSA mailer, or Stream Post. Pass along tips or news about the Team Build or SFI. Be available to help whenever you can, or find answers if you’re not sure about something.

Our main job as a Sponsor is to sift and sort through our Team to find the PSAs who see what we do and help them work the 3 Steps.

What’s Next?

Help one (or more!) of your PSAs become a Bronze Affiliate. Silver Affiliate!

Repeat the process and move through the Compensation Plan.


Thank you to my sponsor Karen Stoyles for this information

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