Affiliate Marketing Campaign #1- Instant Profits Club


For those of you who want help with affiliate marketing sales, I am very happy to provide this full marketing campaign which you can copy and use for yourself.

This campaign will be promoting Instant Profits Club which has paid my sponsor Ellie well over $1000 (a sample of sales is shown in the image above and total sales below).

Even more impressive is a single blog post she wrote still gets her sales of this product over a year later (see image below).

In this post, I will provide you with everything you need to earn from Instant Profits Club as well.

Step 1 – Purchase Instant Profits Club

The first thing you need to do with any affiliate product that you want to sell is: buy it yourself. I don’t care what anyone says, if you have not bought a product yourself you CAN NOT provide the information required to promote it properly.

If you are not willing to buy it then why should anyone else?

With Instant Profits Club there are several levels of purchase:

Free Membership

Pro Upgrade


You can make a 50% commission on sales made with a free account, and this makes it an ideal first product to promote. You will earn 100% commission when you purchase the upgrades though, so you may wish to consider that before you start promoting.

The membership itself with Instant Profits Club ALSO provides extremely useful information for those wanting to make affiliate sales. It is ideal for those wanting to learn more skills in this area.

Click Here To Purchase Instant Profits Club

You do also need to purchase the product (at least a free membership) to get access to your affiliate link (instructions are provided inside Instant Profits Club on how to get your link).

Step 2 – Copy The Capture Page I have Provided

I have created a capture page that you can use for this campaign. Note this page is designed to help you sell more than just Instant Profits Club. It is provided to help you build a list of targeted marketers who are struggling to make sales.

To take a copy of this page you need to have an account with Leadsleap. You can join for free if you don’t have an account there already.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

The code to copy this page into your Leadsleap account is: xzWNZVGZkU

You should use this code on the import using a share code option when you add a new page to your account:

Step 3 – Write Blog Post

You need to take a copy of this entire blog post which you will share with the people who subscribe to your email list.

Personally, I use an account with GDI to host my blog posts.

Read more about why I use that account here

If you prefer to use a free blog platform you can of course do so. In my opinion, it gives the wrong impression to potential buyers, but the choice is yours to make.

Don’t forget to update the links in this post with your own.

Step 4 – Link Blog Post To Capture Page

The next thing you need to do is set up your capture page so anyone who subscribes will automatically be directed to read your blog post.

To do this click on launch editor on the capture page manager:

Click on the List option in the side menu and you will have the option to include a redirect URL immediately after opt-in. Put your blog post link in that box.

I recommend you use the open in new window option so tick the box under it as well to enable that.

Step 5 – Create Email List

The last part of this campaign that you can include without upgrading on Leadsleap is to create an email list where your subscriber names will be held.

On the same form as shown above, you will see the option to Add New List just under the List-ID box:

Click on that link and give your new list the name: Simple Affiliate Marketing System. Enter the list ID number in the form above to link this to your capture page too.

Bonuses For Upgrading on Instant Profits Club

80% of affiliate sales are made via follow-up emails. Therefore as an extra bonus for those who upgrade on Instant Profits Club Ellie will provide a copy of her follow-up emails.

These emails account for the majority of my own sales of this product.

In addition, I personally make affiliate sales on complete autopilot. To help those who wish to learn automated affiliate marketing you will also be provided step-by-step guidance on how to fully automate this campaign.

Lastly, what campaign is complete without the traffic? For those who have upgraded on Instant Profits Club, you will be provided a detailed guide on the best traffic sources to use for affiliate marketing sales as well. You will even get some exclusive free promo codes for these.

These bonuses will be sent to anyone who has purchased Instant Profits Club to help them with making sales of this product. Please send a copy of your email receipt to to request your bonuses.

Now you should be ready to go.

Always remember to test your capture page to make sure the setup is working as required.

Your thoughts and questions are welcome