The basics of blogging cover all the basic essentials,including your writing style, blog category and the content of your blog.

Planning your blog can be difficult if you do not know what you want to talk about.

It could be extra hard if you do not have the necessary background in blogging.

However, knowing what you want to blog about can easily come to you once you start browsing and poking around other blogs.

You can pick ideas from those blogs, expound and make them the basis of your blog.

The Blogging Categories.

Generally, there are several types of blogs.

Nevertheless, there are three popular categories of blogs, such as: the organizational, business and personal blogs.

The first category, the organization, uses the power of blogs to communicate either externally with the public or internally within their organizations.

This kind of blog has the purpose of facilitation internal communications among employees, colleagues and other
organizational personnel. In addition, organizational blogs normally publish information that is of interest by the public.

In a certain instance, there are organizational blogs that publish seminar schedules, meetings, and announcements for their clients, customers or members.

The business blogs, on the other hand, are for promoting services or products offered by businesses in order to help increase profits, revenue and interest of potential consumers.

These kinds of blogs can look for ways to increase their reputation and authority with vendors, customers and partners.

They do this by publishing contents that express expertise and knowledge within a specific market portion, niche
or industry.

The personal blogs are those that contain contents that are more of a reflection of bloggers’ opinions and thoughts.

Normally, they are used to publish articles that voice their points of view on several kinds and varieties of events and topics.

Bloggers who publish personal contents usually find pleasure in documenting their everyday lives, stream of consciousness and even their hate to specific events through articles that reflects their moods.

The Target Audience

Your target audience and blogging style comes hand in hand.

The moment you think of creating your own blog, you must first realize what your target audience is.

You must know what they want, need and desire to read about.

The blog you create and the contents you publish must provide quality and value to the readers in order to be effective in establishing communication and expanding readership.

More so, the kind of blog you want to create essentially creates its own target audience.

For instance, an organizational blog is meant for those who are members or clients of a certain organization.
Although the target audience may be limited, there is a good chance for consistency with regards to the
dialogue you create with your readers and eventually more people would be interested in your blog.

The mentioned personal blogs are not normally designed for social dialogue with a certain target readership
of any category and is rather meant to serve as a collection of your musings.

These kinds of blogs are best reserved to your close friends and they are your target audience.

If you identify your target audience successfully, your messages that you want everyone to know about will be effectively targeted.

Some of the greatest joys of blogging come from the use of your enthusiasm in publishing signification information for a community where there is a free exchange of opinions between the readers and you.

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