For new comers and old hands a like, the attraction of affiliate marketing is clear.

Let’s face it, it is pretty much money for nothing!

Someone else will have done all the work, producing the product, the sales page, even the promotional material…

…all you need to do is promote it.

However BEWARE!

If not done correctly, your business could well suffer.

One of the most common mistakes is choosing to sell a product that you do not believe in or fully stand behind, one hundred percent.

Although you may be making money in the short term…

…you may be creating a bad name for yourself in the long term.

And that spells disaster for your business!

It is about credibility and your reputation.

The best way to promote a product that you believe in is simply to actually try out the product.

Ask for a review copy, or a discounted price.

Many marketers will consider this if you explain what you are doing and why.

Even if you can’t get the review copy or a discount, but still think the product looks good…

…spend your own money to purchase it.

If you don’t want to do this, ask yourself if the product is really as good as you first thought…

…or is just the promise of good commissions that’s attracting you?

Be honest with yourself.

Even if you invest your own money, there is not much of a risk.

If it is good, the mail you send to your list will reflect this fact and you are likely to get sales.

If it is not as good as the sales page makes out, you can always get a refund (the majority of products now a days will give 100% refunds).

Affiliate marketing when done right is integral to most online businesses.

BUT…done wrong it can sound the death knell for your business.


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