How Effective are Online Classified Advertisements

Many people tend to think classified advertisements are the most effective way to gain new business.

This mindset comes from their exposure to advertisements in their local newspapers which do not work the same way as online classifieds.

While you may gain some traffic from classified advertisements, most people who visit online do not read classified advertisements.

If you are looking to add more customers to your database you can certainly take advantage of the free or low cost classified advertising, but you do not want to rely on it for all of your marketing needs.

On the other hand you will find some classified advertising sites that will actually provide you with a highly visible advertisement that may actually be beneficial to your business.

Make no mistake about it: the classified advertising that will make a difference to your business is not free.

Of course, you will need to spend some money in order to promote your business, so you may choose to make this one of your costs, though it may be better spent paying a SEO expert.

It is advisable to include these costs in your original marketing plan so you know your budgetary costs for advertising and other marketing schemes.

If you are going to use classified advertisements you should choose those that have substantial traffic and offer high visibility advertisements.

It is in your best interest to stay away from free advertising since these advertisements tend to appear far down on the pages and will not provide the visibility you want and need for your website.

You want to set aside enough in your budget to pay for those advertisements that offer “bold and beautiful” ads: bold type, large type and a selection of options to set your ad apart from all the others.

You might keep in mind there are print newspapers that also have websites, and many of these also offer the option of print, online or a combination of both in their advertisements.

If you want the best exposure for your business you should choose both print and online advertising.

In that way you reach the largest target audience and gain the most from your investment.

Some newspapers offer special pricing if you choose a combination of online and print advertising—this is your best option.

Trade magazines with a large distribution are also good sources of classified advertising, especially if you choose those that are within the scope of your website.

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