“A blog that runs on autopilot, adding new content, getting traffic and generating an income without any manual intervention”

This is a big claim but is entirely possible and many marketers have a network of autoblogs that they use for their own reasons.
Owning a large network of sites can be very beneficial to you when you want to create income links and generate traffic to your sites.

You can very quickly give any website you own a boost up the search engines just by adding their link to your
autoblog network.

Your autoblog will automatically add new content at intervals you have specified.

This could be daily, hourly, monthly, weekly, or any combination or variation.

It entirely depends upon what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to grow your blog.

I’d warn against adding too much content too quickly because that raises a very large red flag.

If a website adds 10,000 new pages in a day that is going to scream SPAM to the search engines.

If a website adds just a few pages a day it looks much more natural.

My personal recommendation is

Success Tip

Add 1 to 5 pieces of content at random times every day.

Because the sites are adding content by themselves, all you have to do is concentrate on driving traffic to it.

This could be in many different ways.

• Outsourcing

• Manually

• Pay per click

• Social Bookmarking

• Any other traffic generation technique

The key is to get people to your site. In an ideal world, you have set your traffic generation on autopilot too and your
autoblogs will storm to the top of the search engines for their keywords.

An autoblog should take you very little time to set up – we’re talking 30-45 minutes at the outside.

It’s a very quick way to set up a network of sites and start generating an income.

If you have spent enough time researching keywords then you won’t find it hard to rank for those keywords and it should be a few days or a couple of weeks before you start seeing an income from the sites.

Once you have created your network of autoblogs you can keep them and enjoy the earnings or you can sell them and get an influx of cash.

If you are selling the sites, check what the terms of any plugins you bought are and make sure that you can sell the plugins.

Your buyer may need to purchase their own license for the plugin.

One of my favourite uses for an autoblog is to rapidly test a niche.

Because autoblogs are very quick to set up you can rapidly enter a dozen or so niches with an autoblog and wait and see which is profitable.

When you know which are the profitable sites you can then either create further sites in that niche or you can turn
your autoblog into an authority site, being careful not to lose any search engine traffic you have.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced marketer or just starting out, autoblogs are an excellent way for you to generate an income and create a network of sites.

These sites can be used to boost your main sites up the search engines or for an additional stream of income.

They can also help you dominate the top ten search results in the organic search engine rankings.


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