Ok, so you’ve realized that you need a good list to make this online marketing thing work for you.

After reading countless articles and listening to ‘expert’ advice, you know of the people creating a small fortune with their lists.

So you finally decide to have a go at building a list of your own…

After all, how hard can it be!?

Then it happens, you think you know everything there is to know and have followed all the advice to the letter…

…and you still aren’t able to make a profit.

In fact, you’re losing money!

Does this relate to your experiences?

Believe me you are in the minority if you say you don’t…and well done to you!

So what could have gone wrong?

Why have others succeeded where you have failed?

Well, I’m sorry but there isn’t one thing I can tell you here that will suddenly make the big difference, however I can give you one or two simple tips that I think would help the majority of marketers who are building a list.

However before I do, if list building is for you, I thoroughly recommend you check out the following, it will really help with your efforts.


OK, Let’s get to those tips I promised:

Tip 1:
Get your list to trust you and your products first.

Provide REAL value and don’t try to palm any old crap off to them.

They are not stupid (well most aren’t), so don’t treat them that way…

…unless you want to lose them.

Tip 2:

Find a product or service that people want and need.

The chances are if you like something and it has helped you, then people in the same niche could also benefit from it.

Do your research well and you will see the profits come in.

Tip 3:

Make friends with other list builders and learn from them.

This business can be a very lonely existence, but there is nothing to say you have to go it alone.

If you can’t afford to invest in training/mentoring or coaching…

…or even if you can…

Sign up to as many lists as you can to receive their mails.

Those that you like, learn from.

Those you don’t like, learn from – what is it you don’t like about them.

As much as you can get without spending a penny, there is nothing to beat a well written training to short cut the whole process.

The product I mentioned early is a great example. Follow the simple steps and you WILL succeed…

I wish you the best with your list building efforts and look forward to continuing to help you with your efforts in the future.

Here is a great read you can download FREE.


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