Tips and Tools #3:Basics – 3 Steps

Tips and Tools #3: SFI Basics – 3 Steps

Repetition and consistency are important at the beginning. Develop your daily routine:

Daily Actions:
1. Login to SFI
2. Daily Action Tabs – turn the red tabs green
3. LaunchPad Training

SFI Basics: 3 STEPS

The SFI business is not a complicated one. The program is meant to be easy to duplicate, easy to learn and easy to repeat.
1. Become an Executive Affiliate and remain an EA every month

  1. Recruit Five (5) Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA)
    3. Teach your Affiliates to do the same three steps

STEP ONE: Everyone joins as an Affiliate. This gives you a chance to look around and check out the tools available to build with SFI. In order to achieve success and financial freedom, you need to advance. The first goal is to become an Executive Affiliate (EA) as soon as possible.

Once you accumulate 1500VP you qualify as an EA. This can be achieved within your first month, or first two months, by the accumulation of free VersaPoints (from LaunchPad Training and Daily Actions). Some people like to test the waters in their first month, or they join later in the month, and may not reach 1500 VP. Whatever VP you earned in your First Month can be rolled over to your Second Month. This is a one-time only action. Watch for your alert from SFI at the start of the new month.

At the beginning of every month our VP banks are reset to zero. Every Affiliate, no matter what level of the program they have achieved, needs to requalify each month.

STEP TWO: Recruit 5 Affiliates. SFI is a Network Marketing company, which is all about building a team of affiliates who share your enthusiasm to build a business and create financial freedom. You have the advantage of being part of a Team Build. What does that mean for you?

As long as you login regularly, accumulate at least 250 VP monthly, your sponsor will assign Affiliates directly to you! Perhaps you are already seeing your team grow through reassignments. If not, you aren’t doing the Daily Actions and LaunchPad training – two of the easiest ways to accumulate the VP you need to be considered an active Team Member.

Our Team Build helps you complete Step 2 because we will place 5 PSAs in your team once the minimum VP of 250 has been reached.

Step 3: Teach the PSAs you bring into the business, or those who are reassigned to you, how to complete the 3 Steps.

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate
  2. Sponsor 5 PSA
  3. Teach the PSA how to follow the same steps

If you have completed the Getting Started Actions in our last training email, you have already received 5 PSAs from your upline. Be sure and send the Welcome Letter to all new PSAs.

SFI Rules for Success

When you explore the SFI website, you will notice that SFI has many systems in place to help us achieve the success we are looking for. Take a few minutes to begin reading SFI’s Rules for Success!


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