There so much hype on the internet today…which I feel is unnecessary.


so many of us are getting scammed …. losing money and our dream of working from home never realise.


This almost happened to me….. I was ready to give up.


Earning an income from home using your computer and the internet is (regardless of what you may have been told or read) not an easy undertaking…


However, there are many who have achieved this goal and so can we…


You need to realise that it is not going to happen overnight but it will happen.


Hi, my name is Bryan McHeyzer …. I live in Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia.


After working for myself for years offline I decided that I would like to do something different to earn my keep in this world….


Internet Marketing is the path I have chosen….


I figured that whatever niche you decide to go into you will need to be able to market your site.


Remember without visitors to your site …you do not have a business.


With this blog, I will share  information I learn on my journey.

You will also get information from experienced Internet Marketers who have already achieved their dreams…..


I do not know it all.

Hopefully, you will get to know and trust me … and feel comfortable enough to ask me anything.


I will tell you as I see it and it will not always be pretty … so only ask questions that you want an honest reply to.


Welcome to the Internet Intern and let us have fun as we take this journey together.


Remember I am always available to help you where I can.

All you need to do is ask.