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Tips on Goal Setting

Are you frustrated when nothing works out in your favor? Do you get depressed when you do not achieve the desired success? When you do not get the results you desire, then you tend to look for tips everywhere that can help you to achieve your goals. Here are some strategies that you can apply to set your goals and get the desired results. In […]

Goal Setting An Activity of Great Importance

  Goal Setting An Activity of Great Importance Learning to set goals as early as possible is more efficient than wandering aimlessly around – your life without direction. Goal setting usually starts with you deciding what you want to achieve You will find out why some people almost always succeed by actually doing it themselves. Have dreams and aspirations to succeed and allow yourself to […]

Understanding Goal Setting Theory

Perhaps the most popular proponents of the goal-setting theory are philosophers E.A. Locke and G. Latham. Their theory suggests that goal setting is innate among human beings and that identifying and mapping out methods to reach them are some of the most natural factors of human behavior. Related literature would tell you that goal setting theory is rooted on these four basic ideas: 1. People […]