7 Tips To Rekindle Your Twitter Marketing

email2Twitter Marketing can drive unprecedented attention to your business. It is one of the few social media platforms that hasn’t limited your organic reach. In fact, the philosophy of the platform is to enable you to reach out to anyone at anytime.

But like with anything, your interest may have dwindled over the months or years. Also as a small business owner, you may lack the time to keep up with best practices that are supposed to help you make the most of Twitter. Getting back on board can be daunting, given the fast pace at which social media moves these days. If you’d like to get back onboard with your Twitter Marketing efforts, then here are seven tried and tested tips to get you started.

Make use of Hashtags: 

Don’t underestimate the power of the Hashtags. They have the capability to extend your message beyond your immediate following. You don’t even need fancy software as the best source of Twitter hashtags is to the right of your Twitter profile once you log in to your account. You can also use day related inspirational ones such as #motivationalmonday etc.

Engage with Twitter users:

Once you get started on Twitter, Retweet interesting content to your followers. Retweets will alert others of your presence, demonstrating that you are willing to engage with others. You will inherit a magnetic presence where people want to follow you if they see that you are open to being social.

Get to Know your Influencers:

Twitter is the fuel behind influencer marketing. No doubt, your clients are already talking to influencers in your niche. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you should join the conversations that are already taking place.

Bring Social Media into the real world:

You can do this by displaying your Twitter username on your vehicle, store window, place of worship, flyers, and banners. If your staff wears a uniform, you could also include @Handle in future design.

Automate your Tweets: 

Unless you have time to be on Twitter all day, you need to schedule your updates. This ensures the consistent flow of information that will add value to your clients. But spend about 15 minutes a day to thank followers, to reply and to add a human touch to your social media presence.

Use Images in your Updates:

It’s easier now than ever to create high-quality graphics. A relevant image will set your post apart from the crowd and get you more attention.

Curate Content: 

Creating content is hard work, and that’s why the content curation practice is now more popular than ever. Once you find content that your followers will like, schedule these post via your favourite scheduling tool.

Growing your brand with Twitter Marketing and building a meaningful following above all else takes time and effort on your part. Mostly, it’s about keeping your audience engaged with information that matters to them. Although social media can seem daunting but it’s now easier than ever to manage your Twitter presence even with an already busy schedule.

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