Social Media Strategies for Start-Ups

Top Social Media Strategies for Start-Ups

Social media is an indispensable part of the world of digital marketing today. Almost all leading as well as not so prominent brands are active on popular social sites. But are they using their time on these less formal yet extremely powerful marketing platforms in the most optimal way?

Using social media profitably for your brand is a science as well as an art. It needs a deeper understanding of how exactly these platforms work. You should also possess the knack of reading people’s minds based on their activities on the social media sites. You need the flexibility to quickly adjust your strategies to go with current trends and use them to your advantage.

The phenomenal growth of social media is a relatively recent phenomenon. Just a few years back, it was mostly an informal social platform. Nobody gave too much importance to things like how many ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’ you had on social sites. Having a large following was more a matter of amusement. Often such enormous following was attributed only to movie stars, sports stars, and other celebrities. Today, a large following is a measurement of your value and credibility in the market.

However, in spite of this incredible shift, many big brands who are in the best position to tap into the power of social media for their marketing, are still investing in old school advertising and marketing methods like the print media or television. Not the smartest way to go about it folks!

After operating successfully in this field for almost 10 years, and helping many big and small brands to make their mark in the digital world, we are in the perfect position at Neyox to offer some interesting current and future social media trends and top 10 social media strategies to make the most of them for your start-up business in 2017.

1. Invest On Quality Of The Content, More Than Promotions

It has always been said that content is the king. True, but only partially. The fact is “quality” content is the king. Creating truly high-quality content is the best social media policy. If you want to get more likes, followers, and subscribers, you have to create great content that people value and relate to.

Often, many big brands make the big mistake of spending only a fraction of their money on high-quality content such as an awesome video. They allocate the biggest chunk of their funds on advertising it on the social platforms. Well, we have to tell you that it doesn’t really work that way!

It’s time for a major mindset shift. Invest 90% of your money in creating a great video and 10% on the promotional efforts. The fact is, if your content is truly awesome and instantly clicks with the viewers, it will promote itself anyway.

Even smaller companies, who understand this equation well enough, can use social media to offer a stiff competition to their bigger counterparts.

2. Banner-Branded Ads Are Going To Rule Facebook

Facebook is leaning more and more towards video content than ever. Your Facebook feed flashes banner-branded ads that are written in a very informal, messaging-style language. People seem to prefer this kind of promotion more than a long and boring copy.

We would like to suggest that, brands should adopt this style of promotion for small-sized content as this form of advertising is becoming more and more popular. This is going to be the best way to impress and engage their audience in the coming days.

3. Invest Quality Time And Effort In Social Media Marketing

In a recent survey, only 3% of CMOs interviewed accepted that social media did indeed play a big role in their brand’s success. In spite of these facts, more and more brands are investing on social media and it is expected to grow from 10% to 20% by 2021. Will this improve their performance in equal proportions?

The fact is that most so-called social media experts have little idea about effectively using social media for brand promotion. They take it too casually and think that just posting or commenting occasionally is all they need to do. Not really. You need a lot more efforts in the form of in-depth research, meticulous planning and consistent promotion of quality content, in order to succeed.

Big brands often fail miserably, while tiny companies attract a massive following, simply because those smaller players use social media in the right way.









4. Instagram Or Snapchat?

In 2016, we have seen Instagram and Snap chat grow side-by-side into two of the most popular social platforms. However, they seem to be all set to develop into their own separate spaces this year.

Snapchat has changed its name to Snap Inc. and has made it clear that it is not just a singular app but a “camera company”. Their recent feature called “Spectacles” clearly indicates that they are going to carve their own niche, independent of any other similar platforms.

The similarities, however, make it pointless to stay of both these platforms – particularly since Snapchat is quite a closed and limited network compared to its counterpart.

Big thumbs up to Snapchat though for doing what Twitter should have, years back.

5. This Year Could Be A Turning Point For Twitter

Going by its current state of affairs, Twitter doesn’t seem to hold the brightest of futures. They should realize their unique value and focus on it or should get bought out pretty soon. Recently, it was rumored to be being bought by Google.

However, being an integral part of the mainstream social media mix along with Facebook, for the past so many years, a complete collapse of Twitter seems much unlikely. However, Twitter is badly in need of a major spin around, to stay competitive.

6. LinkedIn Is All Set To Be A Major Player

Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn for a massive $26.2 billion raised many speculations. However, the fact remains that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for industries like those operating in the B2B model. For instance, if you want to market dental products to dental hospitals, LinkedIn is the best platform to go to and not Twitter or Instagram.

We believe that LinkedIn is one of the least user-friendly social platforms out there. The UX design is cluttered and navigation is quite awkward. However, this might soon see a change with Microsoft as its new owner.

7. Collaboration Is The Key To Growth On Social Media

If you want to grow your following on social platforms, collaboration with others is the fastest and the most effective way. Finding a few key influencers in your field of activity in your city and joining hands with them for content creation is a great way to grow together.

It is strange how people keep overlooking this simple strategy. It is the same as people jumping on to creating a blog first thing in their content promotion strategies. Why post content where people can hardly find it? Social platforms are much more effective places which also give you instant feedback.

Collaborating is a similar win-win situation where you can benefit from other’s existing following and credibility, thus increasing your own visibility and social media status.

8. Use The Power Of Copywriting

Whether it is a video script, blog article or a lengthy Facebook post with a call to action, copywriting is what makes people do what you want them to do – whether it is clicking on the “Buy now” button or signing up to your newsletter.

Skimping on a quality copy is a bad approach many brands are guilty of. Great copy is, in fact, one of the most profitable long-term investments that will bring more conversions and sales your way.

9. Go Mobile

Last but not the least, being “mobile friendly” is the modern-day mantra for any brand – big or small – to be successful. Most people use mobile phones, smartphones, iPhones, tablets and so on, for things ranging from shopping and playing games to buying movie tickets to booking flights.

You cannot afford not to keep all your marketing efforts compatible with the mobile technology. Be it a mobile responsive website or a user-friendly app, you need to integrate a mobile strategy into your online marketing planning right from the beginning.



My Product or an Affiliate Product

Should You Sell Your Own Digital Product or an Affiliate Product?

Selling digital information products such as eBooks, courses and video series is one of the very best way to make money online.

This is a very simple business model that will allow you to make money by selling a product that costs you nothing to produce and that doesn’t require storing or even delivering.

Everything you sell will net you almost 100% profit!

But the question is whether you should develop your own digital product, or whether you would be better off selling a product someone else made as an affiliate.

Let’s take a look at both arguments…

Creating Your Own Product

If you create your own digital product, then you’ll have the considerable advantage of owning that product 100%.

In other words, you won’t need to split the earnings with anyone and you’ll be able to make as many changes as you like to your product, branding and marketing.

There’s also a certain amount of pride that comes from owning your own digital products and you can make sure that the product matches the branding of your website or blog.
Eventually, you can even recruit affiliate marketers to help you sell your product.

This can mean you have an entire legion of marketers promoting your product and helping you sell its good qualities. The result could be that you have a legion of marketers helping you to earn more revenue for your product!

Selling an Affiliate Product

On the other hand though, some people will prefer to sell digital products as an affiliate because it means they won’t have to develop it themselves.

This means that they can start selling right away and it means that there will be zero overheads and no upfront investment.

What’s more, is that an affiliate product gives you the distinct advantage of being able to choose something that is already selling.
In other words, you can look for a product that is proven and that means you know that it can be profitable. With your own product you have no such assurance and there’s always a small chance you’ll end up creating something no one wants.
Seeing as an affiliate product can net you 75% of the commission in some cases and you can sell as many as you want, there’s no upper limit here in terms of your potential profits.

The conclusion?

There isn’t one!

Ultimately, the answer comes down to you.

But now you have all the information to make the best possible decision…

How to Extend the Life of your Computer

Extend the Life of your Computer

With all of the things that people use computers for these days, it is no surprise that over time they begin to deplete.

However, if you do not take steps to maintain the life and quality of your computer than you can extend the life of your computer .

As technology continues to advance, it is likely that your computer will seem much slower than new computers.

In order to avoid purchasing a new computer much sooner than necessary, it is important to take care of your computer.

By taking care of your computer, you will be upholding the quality of your computer and extending the life of your computer.

Extending the life of your computer may seem like a daunting task, but it truly is not.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of extending the life of your computer is to run a routine registry clean up on your computer.

This does not mean that you have to run a registry clean up on your computer everyday. Running a registry clean up on a regular basis can be done once every month or two.

You may be wondering “how does a registry clean up extend the life of my computer?”

To answer this question, there are a few ways that a registry clean up will help your computer and overall extend the life and quality of your computer.

Here are a few of those ways:

* Any unnecessary files or information in your computer’s registry will be removed.
* Any broken or corrupted files will be removed from the registry.
* Duplicated files or information will be eliminated from the registry.

As a result of this, your computer will end up having more space than it did prior to the registry clean up.

After the registry clean up, your computer will also run faster due to the removal of any files or information that was no longer needed.

The registry clean up will also fix any broken or corrupted files which means that there will be less errors or problems with the operation of programs.

A registry clean up will leave your computer with faster speeds, more space, and a computer that operates better overall.

All of these things will help to extend the life and the quality of your computer which means that you will be able to enjoy your computer longer.

Benefits of a Registry Cleaner?

If you do not have any major problems with your computer, you may not find it necessary or important to perform any sort of cleaner on your computer. Like a lot of people, you may be thinking “if it is not broken, why should I fix it?” However, your computer does not need to be broken or have any sort of problems just to run a registry cleaner on it.

There are numerous benefits to running a registry clean up program on your computer. These benefits effect computers that are running perfectly and computers that are running slower than normal. Here are some of the benefits of performing a registry clean up program on your computer:
* A registry clean up program will scan the entire registry of your computer and remove any files or pieces of information that are no longer relevant to the computer or it’s programs.
* The registry clean up scan will also repair any corrupted or broken files that are found within the computer’s registry.
* Repaired files can eliminate error messages from programs.
* The removal of files and information will result in more storage space on your computer.
* Having less clutter in your computer’s registry system and more space instead means that your computer will run a bit faster.

These are some of the many benefits of running a registry clean up program on your computer. If your computer is in good working order, then a registry clean up program will help maintain this condition. However, if your computer is experiencing slow speeds, error messages, or lack of storage space then a registry clean up scan can help eliminate or improve these problems and allow the condition of your computer to increase.

A registry clean up program is a great way to keep your computer running and running well. You can keep your computer up to date. A registry clean up scan will also keep the files that are used to operate the programs on your computer up to date which means that the programs on your computer will also operate and it could actually boost the quality of operation for the programs as well.

Overall, the benefits of a registry clean up scan are large. A registry clean up scan’s main benefit is a better computer overall. Your computer will do nothing but benefit from receiving a registry clean up scan.



Get Your FREE Copy of PC Registry and Clean up Secrets


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Create a separate business profile on Instagram

Why you should create a separate business profile on Instagram

Instagram recently made it really, really easy to create separate business and individual profiles on the platform and you – as a smart and savvy business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer – would have to be absolutely CRAZY not to take advantage of this opportunity.

There are plenty of benefits to setting up a separate business profile on Instagram, and in this quick guide we are going to hit the really important ones. By the time you’re done with this inside information you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you must create separate accounts just as soon as humanly possible.

Let’s dive right in!

Keep work and play separate

The number one reason to create a separate account for your business is to effortlessly separate your “work” and “play” accounts, allowing your business content to stay with your business and your personal content to stay personal.

When you blend these two kinds of content posts together it can create a real disharmony with your followers. Sometimes you’re able to really strike a little bit of lightning in a bottle and create personal content that resonates with your marketplace as much as your professional content would, but your odds of knocking that out of the park go down significantly.

Why fight this fight when you could keep them separate and create individual identities on each?

Separate accounts are easier to outsource content creation

Another reason to create a separate business account on Instagram is to make it a lot easier to outsource content creation.

When your Instagram account doubles as your business account you are likely to be the one in control of not only posting new content but curating it as well. This can put a lot of unnecessary burden on the driver of business, forcing you to spend a lot of extra time Instagram marketing when you could be spending that time on other high leverage areas of your business.

By splitting your business and your personal account apart, content creation by others that you outsource becomes absolutely effortless.

Separate accounts are assets you can sell with your business

Finally, when you create a separate business account on Instagram you are able to create another asset that can improve the value of your business when it comes time to exit and sell.

Instagram marketing is powerfully effective today and likely will be in the future, and with this kind of business asset it isn’t inconceivable to add five figures or more worth of value to your business that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

Get that new account set up ASAP!

5 Free Tools For Creating Punchy Pinterest Images

Pinterest has become a significant player in the social media universe. It has over 150 million active monthly users, and it’s expanding quickly. The visual content based social media site provides online entrepreneurs, bloggers and website owners a worldwide reach.

Using images on Pinterest is a basic need – without images there is no Pinterest. But if you want people to look at, share, and re-pin your pins to drive traffic to your website you’ll need to create visual impact.

Using one of the following 5 free Pinterest tools will help to drive engagement, boost your followers and traffic, and get your images re-pinned over and over.

1. Canvas

Canva is one of the most well-known Pinterest image tools. It has more than 10 million users, and it is simple to sign up by means of Facebook, Google or with your email. There are thousands of options and a simple to use interface, which will help you create Pinterest images quickly and easily.

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a great Pinterest image tool for editing and enhancing your photos. You can also create graphics and images completely from scratch. Make sure that you link your image pins to the appropriate sales page, blog post, or email opt-in form. In this way it will encourage those who click to either purchase what you are recommending or take an action you want.

3. WordSwag

WordSwag turns text into photos and graphics. This means you can add marketing messages, tips, short how-to lists and other text-based messages to your graphics. You can use it to create text-based graphics, inspirational quotes and memorable messages that people will love to re-pin on Pinterest. You can also combine standard graphics and photographs with text.

4. Pinstamatic

The Pinstamatic can churn out a lot of simple, basic Pinterest images quickly. For ease of use, number of options and integration with Pinterest and other social media networks, this is a great image and graphics creating tool.

5. Quozio

Quozio is a Pinterest image quote maker. It’s easy to create a text-based image, and if you don’t like the result, you can browse other templates. Remember to use readable fonts. Some fonts don’t translate well from a larger size image to a smaller size image and can’t be read across browsers and mobile devices. The message that the mixture of your image and words makes is important. It might take a few times to get it right so that the image and words speak out loud in one look.

Pinterest has become a major player in the social media universe. With over 150 million active monthly users, Google is paying more attention to Pinterest, which means you can boost your search engine rankings and enjoy free, targeted traffic by hopping on board this social media super-brand. Get your free Pinterest marketing checklist at:





Why a Home Business?

Home based business opportunities are quickly catching on and becoming a viable option for more and more people every year.

The advantages of a home based business are evident: low cost, flexible working hours and tax benefits, to name but a few.

But these advantages have pretty much been there for many
years, so why the sudden growth?

Why do so many people start their own home based business
right now, and why would network marketing be a good thing to
consider for so many others?

First of all there is worldwide economic uncertainty and many
economies are either facing a recession or are in the middle of
one. Turn open any newspaper and you can’t miss articles on
companies downsizing and laying off employees by the
thousands. Network marketing offers people the chance to create
a part time auxiliary income, right beside their day job.

This kind of extra income has proven a great help to many families
across the world. Of course many network marketers have made a
full time living out of their business. Some of them have made
fortunes. But this level of success, although available to anyone
who is willing to do the work, will not be for most people. Most
network marketers run a part time business for a small number of
hours a week earning them a couple hundred bucks a month.

Then there is the phenomenon of cocooning, where the consumer
tries to shield itself from all sorts of marketing messages. Do-no-
call lists are in place, making it harder and harder for companies
to get their messages across to the consumer.

Network marketing, which is based on moving a service or
product to the end consumer based on personal relationships,
delivers a strong answer to these challenges. More and more
traditional companies have discovered that network marketing is
a very cost effective way to reach consumers.

Of course we can’t forget about the internet. This technology has
greatly helped making the world smaller, making it easier to find
and disperse information. Network marketing companies have
pioneered the internet to inform, train and motivate their
independent distributors.

The cost of home office equipment has decreased considerably.
These days you can set up a home office for just a couple hundred
bucks. Some may argue that you don’t even need that much. Any
computer with an internet connection and a phone would be
enough for most network marketers to operate their business.

This makes it affordable for everyone to start a home based
business. Compare this to the cost of running a normal business
and it becomes clear why more and more people are being
attracted to a home based opportunity.

And then there is the growing lack of trust in the corporate world.
Not too long ago, people where quite used to having a job for life.
Or at least until they decided to quit. Nowadays many people have
come to realize that job security is a joke. Too many people have
lost their jobs more than once only to find out that they were
nothing but a number to their corporate employer.

It’s not just the fact that you have to go out to find another job to
feed your family. It’s also the fact that you’ve been listening to your
employer bloating about the importance of their human assets
when in the end in turns the employees where just considered
human assets.

Network marketing not only offers people a chance to create
some extra income, it also provides them with the opportunity to
get some of their dignity back. Helping them realize that they don’t
necessarily have to depend on their employers paycheck. The
support structures that many good network marketing companies
offer are a great help to individuals joining this type of business.
Not only will they receive the proper training on their company’s
products and services. They will also be educated on personallm

The advantages of a home based business are evident and in the
near future we will certainly see more of it. Looking at today’s
trends in the economy it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the
era of monolithic companies offering jobs for life has ended. It’s
time to have the courage to bet on yourself again and home based
business is a good way to do so. And for those people that decide
to take this step, taking a serious look at network marketing is just
common sense. Even in a time where common sense isn’t that
common anymore.

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