Private Label Resell Rights: Choosing a Product

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Millions of Americans are currently trying to make money online. Unfortunately, many of them are not making money, but loosing it. If you are interested in taking part in an online business opportunity, no matter what that opportunity be, it is advised that you know exactly what you are getting into before agreeing to invest your hard earned money or sign a contract. It is one of the few ways that you can protect yourself.

When searching for an online business opportunity, there are many individuals who come across something that is known as private label resell rights.

Private label resell rights are offered on a number of different products. With the internet, these products most commonly include software programs or e-books. Private label resell rights are when the product creator does not have the time, money, or experienced needed to sell their finished product. A product creator tends to lose money each day that their product does not sell; therefore, they look for assistance. This is where you could come in, if you were looking to make money online.

To get their product on the market, while making money at the same time, many product creators, such as e-book authors or software designers, sell the resell rights to their product. The amount of money they are selling their rights for will vary; however, most resell rights do not cost more than a few hundred dollars. If you are able to come up with this money, you could not only be helping the product creator make money, but yourself as well. Since you legally obtained the resell rights to the product in question, you can start to profit from each sale that you make. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as it sounds.

When it comes to purchasing the resell rights to a private label product, such as an e-book or software program, there are many buyers who make a costly mistake. That mistake is not picking a product that sells. To make money, you cannot just select a random private label product, instead you must research the market and learn what customers want and need to buy. Doing so will not only allow you to obtain the resell rights to a product that will sell, but one that will be in high demand.

The best way to learn about products, topics, or issues that are currently popular on the internet is to use the internet.

You will want to read the news on a daily basis.

You may also want to actively participate in online discussions. You can easily do this by joining a number of different message boards. With online message boards, many internet users post important questions and product requests.

If you are able to find a product, such as a specific software program or e-book, that is being requested on a large scale, that product may be able to turn you a profit.

In addition to using the internet, you are advised to always keep your eyes and ears open. You never know what or where you will learn something new.

Reading the news and participating in online message board discussions are just a few of the many ways that you can go about researching the need for a particular product. This research may seem time consuming; however, it is necessarily, that is unless what don’t mind losing the money you invested.



6 Steps to Writing a Business Plan for Your Internet Business

business plan
business plan

A business plan is the first thing you need to do if you are starting a new business. It is designed to outline your goals, business strategies, financial goals and marketing plans.
When you have a business plan in place you are taking steps to make sure that your business is on a good path, and it is also used to seek financial investors, funding, and management staff. A solid business plan is almost always found behind a successful business.

However, it still needs a business plan. The difference is that the financial requirements of an internet business is not the same as an online business.

An internet business is usually operated different to  a traditional business however the marketing details should reflect a growing online market.

Lets have a look at 6 steps to writing a business plan.

Step #1 Write Your Business Summary
If your business operates only on the website, you should take the time to describe all of your site’s aspects. Answer questions like who is going to run the business, what does it offer, who does it target, etc.

#2 Create an In-Depth Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan needs  you to gather a great deal of research so that you can do this quite some time before you ever create your business plan. However, you need make sure the information hasn’t become outdated by the time you incorporate it into your business plan. Include your pricing plan, your checkout options, etc.

#3 Provide the Details on Your Management Team
Explain the details of your major team members. Their duties, how much they will be paid, benefits, etc. Make sure you provide enough detail for investors to understand your management team’s role.

#4 Create an In-Depth Financial Plan
This should include your startup capital, operating costs, and your profit forecast and various intervals such as 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, etc.

#5 Create a Business Schedule
Your schedule needs to include now, the immediate future and your long-term plan. This would include things like the date you are going to open the door, when employee hiring will take place, when loan will be repaid, etc.

#6 Write an Executive Summary
Write an in-depth executive summary that includes research as well as an easy to understand explanation of your business plan. Your summary should be broken down into sections and each should have its own title. This will help the information flow better for anyone who chooses to read it.



Article Marketing Explained


articlesArticles. One of the easiest ways to promote your website in order to generate traffic and increase your earnings.

This promoting your website and product can be achieved for FREE. As an additional bonus, this “free” method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income.

How does this work?

Write articles relating to your website and submit them to “free content” submission sites. Easy to do, takes little time and can increase your website traffic, sales and of course, your income.

How can article writing boost traffic and income?

The article on the free content site contains a link to your own website. Readers, after reading your articles, may choose to click on the link and pay you an unexpected visit. Having them on the free content sites is also making these articles available to other webmasters who may wish to publish that article on their site.

If they do, your article will include a link back to your site. And anyone who reads the article on that site can still click on the link to visit your site.

As the list of your published articles grow larger, and more and more of them are appearing on different websites, the total number of links to your site increases also. Major search engines are placing a lot of significance on incoming links to websites so they can determine the importance of a certain site.

The more incoming links the website has, the more importance search engines attaches to it. This will then increase your website’s placement in the search results.




Why Build Your List?

emailThere is no doubt that email marketing has become one of the best and fastest ways to make money online.

There is nothing more exciting than checking your email to find that
you have made a sale or several sales. But before you can experience the thrill of getting money in your inbox, you have to build a mailing list. Some may tell you that building huge list of people all jumping at the chance to buy your products is easy!

Unfortunately, when it comes to building a responsive
mailing list with thousands of subscribers, things aren’t
always that simple. However, there a several list building
strategies that work successfully and I am going to share
some of them with you in this article.

But first, I want you to keep in mind that a responsive
mailing list is your ideal target market, people that are
asking you to send them information and offers by email.

Many internet marketers make virtually all of their income
just by sending email’s to their lists. Imagine how great
it must feel to send out an email and in an hour or two
have your inbox full of orders. It is very possible,
especially when you take the time to employ basic and
effective list building strategies.

When it comes to building your own list the first thing you
should do if you want people to give you their email
address is to make it very easy for them. If you have a
website or blog add a subscription form to all of the main
pages. Make it highly visible and offer your visitors
something of real value in exchange for joining your list.

If you don’t have a website or blog you may want to
consider setting one up just for your list building
campaign, especially if you want to build a big list. If
setting up a site isn’t for you there are other methods
that you can use, you will just have to get more creative
when it comes to collecting email address.
Above all else keep it simple! Keep in mind that people are
busy and easily sidetracked, which means you don’t want to
make them giving you their email address something that
they have to think too much about or work too hard to do.
The general rule is, the easier you make it the more email
addresses you will collect!

If you have an existing customer base make it a top
priority to get an email address from everyone that makes a
purchase from you. Whether it’s during the sales process
orafter the purchase of one of your products make sure that
you ask your customers for their email address. The optimum
time to do this is before the purchase is completed because
they will think it is part of the process.

It is very important to always remember that your customer
must give you permission to send them promotional emails.
Asking them for an email address as part of the sales
process does not give you permission to add them to any
other mailing list or bombard them with promotional emails.
That can lead to spam complaints and you don’t want that.
What it does do is give you the opportunity to follow up
with them, ask how they liked the product or service and
then entice them to join your regular mailing list.

There are many ways that you can entice people to join your
mailing list. Here are a few quick ideas that you can use;

– Give them a bonus product, free gift or a discount on
their next purchase when they subscribe.

– Send them to a webpage where they can download a free
ebook, report or software related to the product they

– Offer them free access to member’s only website where
they can get access to additional information, customer
perks and special offers.

– Give them a chance to win a prize, by holding a free
contest or sweepstakes for subscribers only

– Offer them free customer support and email consulting.

– Have them fill out a survey and give them a free gift as
an incentive to complete the form.

There are many ways that you can entice people to join your
mailing list and by focusing on these core strategies you
will be well on your way to building a responsive list for
your business. The simple fact is that email marketing is
essential for any business. Once you have a list, and begin
building a relationship with your subscribers they will
have more confidence in you and your business. Just make
sure that you provide them with information that they will
find helpful and beneficial.

Want more information like this to help you build a profitable list?

Join our 5 day email list building course. No obligation only great information. Just fill out the form below.

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How to Find a Profitable Niche!

108038Your niche needs to have potential customers who are ready, willing and able to spend money. The more they are able to spend, the more profitable the niche!

Ok. But how do you know if your niche market will be profitable?

Let’s take the mobile ring tone market for instance. While there may be huge demand for this type of service, the targeted customer base is typically people under 18 who have no credit card to join a subscription service.

Now we’re not saying you can’t make money with mobile
ringtones. This is no doubt a very profitable industry, but
the spending power of your potential customers is very

It is also very difficult to sell something when you can
freely access or download it from the internet.

A good example of this is cocktail mixing recipes. Yes
we’re sure that there are people who do buy books on how to
make cocktails. But anyone can simply do a search on the
internet and find free instructions on how to mix any
cocktail they like. So it would be hard to compete in this

Ok. Let’s look at an example of a Profitable niche?

We have previously mentioned the golf niche so we’ll
continue to use this niche as an example.

Even if you do not like golf yourself and you know nothing
about it, you probably realize that people who do like golf
tend to spend thousands of dollars on this passion. And
because they spend so much money, it can be a very
lucrative market to target.

In fact, any niche which involves a strong passion tends
to be extremely lucrative. Some examples include gardening,
crocheting, dogs, coin collecting, cars & motorcycles,
camping, home improvement, sports collectables, etc.

Notice something similar with all of these niches? They
all revolve around hobbies or special interests and these
normally invoke strong passion.

As a rule of thumb, most niche markets that target
hobbyists or special interest groups can be very lucrative
markets because these people are very passionate about
their particular topic.

And provided it has longevity, plus has a high demand AND
fulfills the profitability test, then you may well have an
excellent niche to target.

So how do you find a profitable Niche?

Survey your audience.
Thanks to the internet this action can be carried out quite quickly and does not cost much.

Identify the problems your niche audience has. This could take a bit more involvement  as you will need to research into the problems and challenges your niche audience has.


Remember learn to speak the language and help solve their problems.

Website Traffic Basics – Page Titles!

graphTraffic is delivered most times from search engines. To get good search engine rankings we need to effectively use our keywords and keyword phrases. The best and cheapest traffic to our websites is organic, it is worth the time and effort to work on your keywords.

Did you know that it is important to use your keyword in the page titles itself?

When you are optimizing your pages keep in mind that the
title tag is different from a Meta tag, but it’s important
to consider it as a part of your SEO strategy.

The text you place in the title tag (between the <title>
and </title> portions) will appear in the title bar of
browsers when visitors view the page.

The actual text you use in the title tag is one of the
most important factors in how a search engine may decide to
rank your web page.

In addition, all major web crawlers will use the text of
your title tag as the text they use for the title of your
page in your listings.

If you have designed your website as a series of websites
or linked pages (and not just a single home page) you must
bear in mind that each page of your website must be search
engine optimized.

The title of each page, ie. the keywords you use on that
page and the phrases you use in the content, will draw
traffic to your site.

The unique combination of these words and phrases and
content will draw customers using different search engine
terms and techniques, so be sure you capture all the
keywords and phrases you need for each product, service or
information page.

The most common mistake made by website owners when they
first design their website is they place their business
name in every title of every page.

Most of your prospective customers will not know the name
of your business until after they have looked at your site
and decided it is worth book marking.

So, while you may want your business name in the title of
the home page, it is probably a waste of valuable keywords
and space to put it in the title line of every page on
your site.

Consider putting keywords in the title so that your page
will display closer to the top of the search engine listing.

Avoiding the stop words such as ‘and’, ‘at’ and the like
in the first three keyword positions in your title is
crucial in search engine optimization.

Another good tip is to keep the title tag less than 64
characters long and do your best to ensure that the title
tag and your meta description are interesting, meaningful,
and relevant to your site.

That’s all for this lesson. In the next lesson we will be
going over some tips for increasing your websites ranking
and traffic.

How to Find Hot Ideas to Write About!

How to Find Hot Ideas to Write About!

articlewriteEvery had trouble tying to a subject to write about or to
find an idea for a product?

There is one other way that you can find sizzling hot
subjects to write on – and they’re as close as your
competitors sales pages.

This is a technique I picked up from the Rhodes Brothers,
and it’s a great one. These guys are pure genius!

Did you know that you can actually find hot subjects just
by looking through the “bullet points” on sales pages
across the Internet?

It’s 100% true!

I know you’ve probably seen at least one sales page
online, but have you bothered to really look closely at
what’s there? You can find all sorts of things to write
about based on the information found within just one sales

And there’s no set length on how long or short your
information product has to be.

It can be a short 3 page “special report” or it can be a
super lengthy 200 page informational guide. It all depends
on what you want to do and how you want to present
information to your readers.

Let’s examine this concept further by following our
example subject matter.

Here’s a really good sales page that gives you plenty of
ideas on successfully handling unwanted behavioral

Focus in on the Headline text first.

Do you see any ideas flying out at you?

How about these:

“Embarrassing Public Behaviors of Your Children”
“Rudeness of Your Child”
“Public Temper Tantrums”
“Effective Parenting Techniques”

Those are pretty darn good. And we swiped those ideas just
from the main headline text!

Let’s go a bit deeper down the page and see if anything
else springs out at us…

If you go further on down you will see the real money
makers inside the “bullet point” list.

Here’s what I found inside it:

“Specific Reasons Why Kids Do The Things They Do”
“The One Critical Parenting Error Most People Make”
“Positive Action Steps To Stop Unacceptable Behavior”
“Understanding Manipulation”
“Most Powerful Technique To Eliminate Whining”
“Dealing With Stealing and Lying”
“How To Effectively Teach Responsibility To Your Children”
“How To Analyze ANY Behavioral Problem And Come Up With A
Winning Solution”

And there’s a few more I didn’t list. But that’s a great
list of ideas!

Obviously I changed some of the wording, but the base
ideas are still prominent as you can  see from the
list above.

You can effectively do this for any sales page covering
any subject. And you could even come up with other ideas
that aren’t even listed in the sales letter just by being
inspired by the ideas that are there!

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