3 Essential Steps to Add Intensity to Your Goals

Do you want to know the secret to really achieving your biggest dreams?

The secret sauce is to add intensity to your goals.

Make them big, think big, and act big.


Oftentimes, people fall short of achieving their best life because they run out of energy or motivation.

They get side-tracked and distracted.

But load your goals with intensity and you’ll be powering ahead.

Here are three things you can do to turbo-charge your gaols with intensity.


  1. Make it All About You

Probably you weren’t encouraged to put yourself front and center.

Did your mom tell you not to be selfish, did your dad tell you to share?

That’s a great way to get on with people but putting yourself second or third won’t help you get ahead.

Add intensity by putting yourself center stage.

Make yourself the hero of your life story.

Imagine yourself some time down the track.

You’ve achieved your goals.

You’re living your dream life.

How does it feel?

What makes you feel strong and happy and proud?

Build your strengths, lift your weak points, and focus on making Project You the center of your life.

  1. Dream Big

What’s your big vision?

Do you want to be president? CEO of your own company?

Do you want to win an Oscar?

Maybe a Nobel Prize?

Or a Pulitzer?

No one got anywhere by staying small.

Whatever your dream is, make it as big as you can.

It might seem daring, even impossible, or boastful.

But think hard.

How do you want to make your mark on the world?

Ramp it up and make it as big as you can.

Intensify it!

That’s your goal.


  1. Go for It

Big dreams and big goals don’t mean anything unless you act on them.

It’s up to you to make it happen.

The longer the gap between creating your vision and acting,

the less likely you are to do anything at all,

and your big dream becomes a pipe dream, a might have been.

Start by working out a plan on how to get there.

Do you need new skills,

do you need to reach out to people in your network for advice or mentoring?

Most importantly,

make the commitment to direct your energy into making your goals your reality.

Ramp up your dedication and ramp up your efforts.

Add intensity to your goals and your desires to achieve them.

With determination and intensity, you’re already on your path to success!

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Biggest Dreams Happen


Did you know that your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what has actually happened?

It’s true!

Neuroscience has proven it.

Athletes and other types of performers have used the power of their imagination to overcome challenges

and reach their goals for years.

Why shouldn’t you?


So, let’s do an exercise.

Start by closing your eyes, but don’t fall asleep.

It’s the kind of eye-closing where you’re entirely aware of everything going on around you,

but you’re present in your own mind.

Some may call it dreaming, but the difference is this kind of dreaming is active.

You’re going to envision what you want your life to look like.

When you close your eyes and start thinking about what you want out of your life,

what are the first things that come to mind?

Hold onto those because we’re going to bring those dreams to life with these three steps:

  1. Allow Yourself to Dream

Your eyes are closed,

your mind is wandering,

and all of a sudden,

it’s put to a halt.

It’s in our nature to be hesitant about dreaming big because we don’t want to fail or get hurt.

But when you close down your dreams, you make it impossible to shoot for the stars.

The next time you find yourself sucked into a vortex of dreaming, allow yourself to indulge in it.

Then, make those dreams concrete by thinking of the specifics.

For example, let’s say your big dream is to run a race.

Dive deeper into that dream.

Think about the type of competition,

how long it is,

and what it will look like to cross the finish line.


  1. Visualize It

We talked about the finish line—let’s really explore that.

It’s one thing to think about a dream as a remote possibility

or something that would be fun to accomplish.

It’s another thing to visualize what it would feel like to reach that big dream.

Actually feel the excitement and pride in your body.

When you’re thinking about the big-picture goals you have, think about them more precisely.

Ask these questions:

  • What am I wearing?

  • How old am I?

  • What does it feel like to say, “I did it”?

  • How do I celebrate?

  • Who is celebrating with me?

Those are just a few questions, but the list goes on!

Visualizing gets you from a mere possibility to a reality.

  1. Make it Happen

The most natural step and the hardest step at the same time.

The last step is to make it happen.

Wake up early.

Write down your goals.

Put post-its up on your mirror reminding you to keep going.

Taking that step is critical, and it’s challenging to do.

If your dreams are worth it, though, it’ll be a piece of cake!




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