What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

You may have heard about affiliate marketing being one of the most lucrative online businesses….. but what is it exactly?

Technically affiliate marketing is when someone promotes the products or services of a company in exchange for a commission.

The marketer tends to be paid as a percentage of sales made, however, you can also get paid for lead generation, or even just website visitors as well.

The affiliate marketing advertising model grew out of an understanding that people trust the word of other customers much more than the company itself.

Word of mouth, as it is called, is when customers tell others that your product or service is great (or terrible).

When another customer provides a positive review,

especially to people they know already,

it is basically the golden chalice or holy grail of marketing.

There is nothing that works as well to increase sales, as hearing from someone you trust, that something is worth buying.

Ironically, however, the fact that an affiliate earns a commission for promoting and getting sales, somewhat reduces that trust factor.

This is VERY important for the affiliate to understand if they want to be successful in their marketing efforts.

The Problem With Affiliate Marketing

As a newbie to the affiliate marketing world,

you may think that affiliate marketing is as simple as sharing a link to a product or service, and in some ways it is.

However, the problem with that premise is that behavior is not marketing.

Marketing is actually quite a complex process,

and it can take many years to learn how to do it effectively.

This is the main reason why the majority of people fail when they attempt to become an affiliate.

Choose To Learn or Choose To Fail

Luckily there are some basic marketing techniques that can be learned pretty quickly, which will dramatically increase your chances of becoming successful as an affiliate marketer.

The main skill that you need to learn is targeting.

When you do that correctly, sales become a lot easier to make.

Another skill that can really increase the number of sales you make as an affiliate is email marketing.

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