How to Avoid the Spam Filter


Strategies for Getting Your Emails into the Primary Inbox

Getting your emails into the primary inbox has always been a challenge for email marketers, as they have to bypass the spam filter.

The spam filter’s main purpose is to block unwanted messages,

Particularly those containing viruses, phishing scams, or harmful content.

However, with the introduction of separate spam, social, and promotional boxes, it has become even more difficult for emails to grab attention.

But don’t worry, there are effective strategies you can implement to overcome these hurdles and increase the chances of your emails landing in the primary inbox.

Language is Key

One of the fundamental tips for avoiding the spam box is to avoid using words and phrases associated with spam.

Similar to search engine optimization keywords,

these words trigger spam filters and jeopardize email deliverability.

Examples of such words include “buy,” “free,” “discount,” “hurry,” and “Viagra.”

However, it’s unlikely you would be writing about the latter anyways!

Structure Your Emails Appropriately

To increase the chances of your emails being treated as personal messages rather than promotional content, tailor your email structure accordingly.

Utilize the autoresponder feature that allows you to use the recipient’s name in the message, making it more personalized.

Begin with a salutation like “Dear [Name],” and conclude with “Best regards.”

Furthermore, refrain from including elements that make your email appear like a promotional image or deviate from genuine correspondence.

Limit the number of hyperlinks in your message to just one, and avoid using large images.

Build a Strong Sender Reputation

The utmost important aspect to focus on is consistently delivering value to your subscribers.

By providing valuable content, recipients will be more inclined to open and read your emails.


This practice not only improves your sender reputation but also reduces the chances of being blacklisted.

Additionally, consider requesting your readers to whitelist your email address

and add it to their primary inbox.

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to success!

Implement these strategies, and watch your emails conquer the primary inbox, reaching your audience effectively.


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