How to Sell Using Email

Use email to sell

Building a mailing list is a fantastic way to make your audience feel as though they are on board with your message and to gain more trust and more authority within your niche.

But while building relationships with your fans or customers is important,

It is also important that you make a profit in the short term!

Most of us can’t afford to wait months or years until we start selling

So sooner or later, you will need to try promoting something that people will want to buy.

The way you go about this is different for emails though as compared with other forms of marketing.

Read on and discover how to best go about selling through email marketing and making as many conversions as possible!

The Structure

A good structure that you can use in order to sell a product over a series of messages is referred to as AIDA.

This stands for:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The key thing to recognize is that when you first contact your new subscribers,

they will have no awareness of your products or services and no reason to be interested.

You need to start here

before you try and get them to really want whatever it is that you’re selling.

This allows you to focus on providing value and building that trust initially,

while simply mentioning your product in a very subtle way.

This is the same strategy that many film studios will use when they release teaser trailers.

We often don’t see enough to be excited by the film.

But we’ve seen just enough to be aware that it exists.

Interest comes through repeated mention

and desire then comes when you start to describe the way in which your product can make your audience’s lives better.

It’s when you start describing what it is like to hold your product

or to use it and how it will inherently raise the status of the people using it.

The best thing about this stage is that the readers now have to wait until your next message before they can buy.

Waiting is a great way to build more anticipation because we always want what we can’t have!

Finally, the action email will be the one where you ‘seal the deal’.

This is where you will close and get the audience to act as quickly as possible by clicking and buying.

Make sure to incentivize a raid decision, whether with a limited discount or limited stock!

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